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Two Coins in One: The Contour Necktie

Croatia issued its first two collector coins denominated in the euro currency, which was introduced in 2023. They are dedicated to a fashion accessory that owes its name to the Croats, the cravat, precursor of the necktie.

Varied But Rare: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from the Vatican

2-euro commemorative coins from Vatican City will round off our series on this topic. Many of these popular issues have drastically increased in value over the years. Numiscontrol gives you an overview and a few tips that are worth real money.

Giro d’Italia: Italy’s 2023 Coin Collection

From high culture to pop, from Dante to Diabolik and from haute couture to haute cuisine: In 2023 Italy’s coin programme is as diverse as the country itself and features technical highlights that have never been seen before on Italian coins.

Highly Rare in Circulation: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from San Marino

San Marino’s circulation coins are rare – even in the small Republic itself. And San Marino also issued just a few 2-euro commemorative coins. A real challenge for collectors. Fortunately, numiscontrol has some tips.

Highly Rare in Circulation: 2-Euro Commemorative Coins from Andorra

The Principality of Andorra has only been minting its own euro coins since 2014. If you want to collect 2-euro commemorative coins from Andorra, you should know a few things. Our author numiscontrol explains how collectors can find interesting pieces.

Italy’s Cuisine in All Its Numismatic Colours

Food is Italy’s flagship. Reason enough for the dolce vita nation to celebrate its diverse food culture with a coin series – in exuberant colours. In addition, collectors from abroad can look forward to an exciting novelty.

How the World’s Smallest Coin Was Minted

On 1 January 2023, Croatia will change over to the euro. And while minting presses are producing the new coins at full speed, the Croatian Mint treats itself to something very special. It wants to bid farewell to the kuna with a bang and demonstrate its technical skills at the same time: Croatia mints the world’s smallest coin. A Look Behind the Scenes.

Which 2-Euro Coins from Monaco Aren’t Worth More Than 2 Euros?

Monaco’s coins are always rarities in circulation. Our author numiscontrol shows interesting collectibles at affordable prices. And explains why you should never buy a joint issue of the Eurozone from Monaco!

2-Euro Commemorative Coins to Disappear from Circulation?

2-euro commemorative coins are popular collector’s items because one can find them in their own wallets. However, an increasing amount of these coins are only issued in the form of high-quality versions. Numiscontrol explains what collectors need to know about this.

Which 0-Euro Souvenir Notes Are True Rarities?

The popular 0-euro souvenir notes have been around since 2015. Our expert numiscontrol takes stock and examines which issues are mass-produced and which banknotes are true rarities.
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