Saturday, 10.04.2021
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Where Do I Find Euro Coins from Various Nations by Going Through Circulation Coinage?

Are you looking for foreign euro coins for your collection without success? Especially in times of Corona it isn’t easy to collect actively. Our expert numiscontrol provides you with practical tips on where to find coins from other nations conveniently, cheaply and quickly even now.

Where Are 350€ Million of Irish Punts?

When Ireland introduced the Euro nearly 10% of its former currency was unaccounted for. In the last 19 years this high figure has barely diminished. But what about the situation in other Euro countries? Michael Alexander gives an overview.

Funny Money – Money in Caricature. The Catalogue

Money in caricature is a great topic – there’s a reason we publish a new cartoon by our wonderful Claire every week! The Austrian National Bank has opened an exhibition devoted to the subject in its Money Museum, and now there’s a catalogue to go with it.

Coining National Identities: Luxembourg

Join us on a numismatic journey around the world! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the coins of Luxembourg, both past and present. This small nation, which is home to many EU institutions, is closely linked to its ruling family. This is also reflected in its coins.

Should We Abolish 1- and 2-Cent Coins? Give Your Vote!

The European Commission plans to round cash payments and to abolish 1- and 2-euro cent coins in the entire euro area. But first it’s your turn: citizens are invited to give their opinion. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Summing Up the Issue With Rounding Cents

The EU Commission’s work program 2020 reveals plans to withdraw one- and two-euro cent coins from circulation. This came as a surprise to representatives of mints as there are serious concerns over the matter.

‘Cat’s Mill’: Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019

The commemorative coin "Cat’s Mill" dedicated to the literary work of the Latvian poet, prose-writer and politician Kārlis Skalbe has been voted Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2019 in the traditional public vote.

Greece Commemorates Battle of Thermopylae

On 31 March Greece has issued a 2 euro coin dedicated to the Battle of Thermopylae 2,500 years ago. The coin features a Greek helmet to remember the encounter between Greeks and Persians.

Coin Care in Simple Terms. Part 3: Special Cases Precious Metals and Slabs

Today we look at the special cases on washing day. What needs to be considered in the case of particularly valuable precious metal coins? Furthermore, numiscontrol subjects slabbed coins to a mercilessly tough extreme test.

Coin Care in Simple Terms. Part 2: Washing Day

If you collect coins, you have to treat your pieces with care. Today is washing day! numiscontrol explains which treatment the different metals of your favourite pieces need, what the perfect water temperature is and much more.