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Tag: England (Medieval Period)

Comprehensive Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon Gold Coins

With “Gold Coins of Anglo-Saxon England” Tony Abramson offers a complete account of all recorded early English gold coinage. The book aims at detectorists, field liaison officers, curators, scholars, dealers, auction cataloguers and collectors.

Hoards – Archaeological Treasures from West Norfolk

A selection of interesting hoards from West Norfolk is on display at the Lynn Museum. Among them 32 gold coins found inside a cow bone.

The Gold of Anglo-Saxon England

Between 2014 and 2020, 131 gold coins were found that stand to be the largest Treasure find from the Anglo-Saxon period in England. Two pieces are missing. A policeman and detectorist sold them under false pretences.

Andrew Burnett’s History of Numismatics in Britain

Andrew Burnett’s new book “The Hidden Treasures of this Happy Island” provides, for the first time, a comprehensive account of the collecting and study of coins in Britain from 1500 to 1750. The work is full of new discoveries made in the course of the research.

The New Coin Yearbook 2021

The updated Coin Yearbook 2021 is an independent price guide and collector’s handbook for coins from the British isles. The new edition features expanded sections on Britannia coins, Isle of Man coinage and the latest issues from the Royal Mint.

850 Years Ago: The Murder that Shook the Middle Ages

2020 marks the 850th anniversary of the murder of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. In October 2020 the British Museum will host the first ever major UK exhibition on Thomas Becket’s life, death and legacy. But the whole year is full of related events.

The Coin Yearbook 2020 Now Available

The Coin Yearbook 2020 is an independent price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin hobby, with features which include accurate up-to-date valuations for all English, Scottish, Irish and Island (Channel & Isle of Man) coins in an updated edition for 2020.

Treasure from the Era of William the Conqueror

1066: William the Conqueror subdues England. This moment in history is illustrated by a coin hoard found by metal detectorists in Somerset in January 2019. This is the largest Norman hoard found since 1833. And what is more: This coin hoard is of prime historical significance.
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