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Ukraine Wins Top Coin of the Year Award 2023

The competition for the Coin of the Year awards 2023 was very tough. But in the end, the top award was given in a clear vote and an Ukrainian coin won with a large margin.

These Are the COTY Winners 2023

The category winners of the COTY 2023 have been announced. More than one award went to Canada, Austria, and Ukraine respectively. Read on to learn about the category winners!

Thomas Pesendorfer Honored With 2022 COTY Lifetime Achievement Award

Thomas Pesendorfer was involved in designing many award-winning coins for the Austrian Mint comprising the famous Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin. Now Pesendorfer has received the COTY Lifetime Achievement Award.

These Are the COTY Category Winners in 2022

It's done: the COTY Category Winners 2020 were chosen. Find the complete list of winners here!

Watch the 2021 COTY Ceremony Online

In 2021 the traditional ceremony for the Coin of the Year Awards was not held as usually. The pandemic made it necessary to shift from real to virtual life for the 2021 Awards Ceremony. You can watch the ceremony online now.

Natanya Van Niekerk Receives COTY Lifetime Achievement Award

Natanya Van Niekerk created almost 20 award-winning coin designs, two of which went on to win the overall COTY. Now she was given the COTY Lifetime Achievement Award. COTY coordinator Tom Michael pays tribute to an exceptional coin designer.

US Coin “Moon Landing” Is Coin of the Year 2021

The US coin “50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing” is the winner of the Coin of the Year Award 2021. The concave-convex commemorative coin placed first in two categories.

2021 Coin of the Year Award Nominees

The Coin of the Year Award is one of the most important awards for modern coins. Here you find the complete list of all 100 nominees for the Coty 2021. All coins were minted in 2019, so many coins share the subject of the landing on the moon.

COTY 2020: Here Are the Winners

And the Oscar goes to… Latvia! The day was sweet as honey for the Bank of Latvia when its 5-euro Honey Coin was given top honors as 2020 Coin of the Year during an awards ceremony held in conjunction with the World Money Fair in Berlin.

The COTY Is Back

The popular Coin of the Year Award Contest will also take place in 2020. After Krause’s crisis, the future of the COTY was uncertain. But now, the judges were contacted and the candidates for the best coins in ten categories are in the starting blocks.
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