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Tag: Byzantine Empire

Hoard of Byzantine Gold Coins Found at Banias

The Israel Antiquities Authority has found 44 Byzantine gold coins during an excavation at Banias. The spectacular hoard takes us back to a very dramatic time when Muslim conquerors overran this area.

Princeton University Library Acquires Theodotou Collection

Princeton University Library nearly tripled its Byzantine coin collection by acquiring 11,256 Byzantine coins from the estate of Dr. Chris B. Theodotou. Princeton say they now have the largest Byzantine coin collection in the world.

How to Make Sugar Cookies With Byzantine Seal Designs

Byzantine seals fascinate with animals, portraits and monograms. However, the latter often seem cryptic to non-experts. Dumbarton Oaks now offers a delicious introduction: simply bake your own seal in Byzantine style!

How a Byzantine Earring Came to Denmark’s Vikings

A Byzantine gold earring of exceptional quality was found in Denmark in late 2021. Researchers believe it was a gift of the Byzantine emperor himself. You can admire it in the special exhibition “The Raid” in the National Museum of Denmark.

“Lasting Impressions”

For over 1,100 years, Byzantines used seals in their everyday life. Dumbarton Oaks holds the world’s largest collection of these seals. A new exhibition presents the most interesting pieces.

Byzantine Gold Coins on the Silk Road

Over one hundred Byzantine gold coins and coin imitations have been found in China. A colloquium in Changchun asked the question, how these coins came to South East Asia.

Byzantine Seals

Dumbarton Oaks has published a new volume of its collection of Byzantine seals. The work deals with anonymous seals with religious imagery. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Podcast about Eco’s Baudolino

In the new podcast series of Dumbarton Oaks a senior and a younger scholar discuss subjects that may interest not only colleagues. Learn in the latest episode why Umberto Eco’s “Baudolino” is a perfect successor of his bestselling “Name of the Rose” and much more.

Dumbarton Oaks Presents Byzantine Coins Online

The Dumbarton Oaks Museum possesses one of the largest collections of Byzantine coins in the world with over 12,000 items. An online exhibition presents a selection focusing on the Byzantine Emperors on coins as curator Jonathan Shea explains.

Franz Füeg (1921-2019)

On 24 November 2019, Franz Füeg died. Many coin collectors know him as one of the most important scholars of Byzantine numismatics. Only a few of them are aware that he was also one of the most distinguished architects of Switzerland.
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