Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Podcast about Eco’s Baudolino

The Byzantine Studies Program at Dumbarton Oaks has created a new podcast series that can interest not only fellow scholars but also a broader audience. Photo: Emperor Justinian and courtiers in a mosaic from San Vitale in Ravenna, c. AD 545.
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The Byzantine Studies Program at Dumbarton Oaks has started a podcast programme in summer 2020 as a response to the limits put to encounters in real life by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program Director for Byzantine Studies Anna Stavrakopoulou developed this new format in which two scholars discuss a subject of their choice as e.g. a book or an article that has influenced them. To guarantee a lively atmosphere the participants are always a senior and a yunger scholar.

The podcast addresses not only the Byzantine scholarly community but also colleagues in the arts and the humanities in general.

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Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Podcast 6: Baudolino

In the latest episode Prof. Alessandra Bucossi (University of Venice) meets Alberto Ravani (DPhil / PhD Candidate at the University of Oxford). They discuss Umberto Eco’s novel “Baudolino”, published in 2000. Follow them on the adventures in the 12th century as narrated in the book and learn why the novel is an excellent portrait of this period, and what original source references they found in the text – and if they plan really to publish this reference.


The podcast is available on Spotify or directly on the Dumbarton Oaks website (with a complete transcript for those who prefer to read the text).

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