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Tag: British Museum

How Hieroglyphs Were Deciphered 200 Years Ago

Interpreting coin images resembles a criminal investigation sometimes. So was the decipherment of the hieroglyphs 200 years ago. The British Museum shows an exhibition that takes you through this challenge. Don’t miss it!

Bronze Age in Shropshire: A Partnership with the British Museum

The British Museum and Shropshire Museums develop a Partnership Gallery focusing on the local life from the Ice Age to the Romans. Coin lovers can admire the Claverley Stater Hoard, an assortment of North Eastern and Western gold coins rarely found together.

Money & Medals Network Discusses Transport-Themed Numismatic Collections

The Money & Medals Network offers a numismatic training about transport-themed numismatic collections on 29th September 2021. This will be one of the last trainings, so seize the opportunity!

British Museum and TEFAF Restore Ancient Glass Vessels

The British Museum and TEFAF are working together on a special project: In 2020 eight ancient glass vessels were damaged in the port explosion in Beirut. Experts in London will restore the artefacts with the support of TEFAF – a puzzle-work with historic glass.

No More Money For the Money and Medals Network

The Money and Medals Network is a vital part in the British numismatic world. It connects institutions, contributes to revitalize collections, and trains people in museums. Arts Council England has decided not to continue funding.

British Museum Presents Update on Treasure Reports

1,311 treasure finds for 2019, 1,077 for 2020 - these are the preliminary figures of the UK for the last two years. Find here three extraordinary cases from the last year.

“The Primary Task Is Documentation of Collections”

In the second part of Kate Fitz Gibbon’s interview with St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, we learn more about the role of fakes (also in the British Museum) and what should be done to fight illegal excavation helping thus collectors, too.

ISIS “Making Millions of Dollars Out of Traded Antiquities Is a Complete Myth”

St John Simpson, the British Museum’s Senior Curator for the Middle East, talks about the museum’s role as expert witness to looting. His view on the market’s role in trafficking illegal antiquities cuts across the ILLICID report.

British Museum Revamps Online Collection of Thousands of Coins

The British Museum launched a major revamp of its online collection database. So people anywhere in the world can see for free over 4 million objects comprising numismatic items like over 50,000 English coins from the medieval period to the Tudors.

Success in the Fight Against the Faked Antiquities Market

British Museum and Border Force crack down on the emerging market in faked Middle Eastern antiquities. It’s easier and cheaper to make copies than to loot ancient objects.
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