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Did You Find a Donation Dollar in Your Pocket?

Two years ago the Royal Australian Mint started issuing their Donation Dollar, a one-dollar coin designated to be donated. $6 million coins have already been put in circulation, but this is not the end of the story.

A Dinosaur Mints The World’s First Coin of 2022

On every 1st January of a year the Royal Australian Mint holds its famous First Coin of the Year event. In 2022 the first coin was minted by Dorothy the Dinosaur, Australia’s most famous dinosaur from the children’s music group The Wiggles.

Australia Commemorates Final Battle of Vietnam War

50 years after the Battle of Nui Le To, Australia commemorates its last major action in the Vietnam War. The Royal Australian Mint released a commemorative coin developed with members of the ANZAC Battalion.

Quokka: The Selfie-Trend Wallaby on Coins From Downunder

The Perth Mint releases a new 1oz silver proof colored coin featuring the quokka. A quokka is a small type of wallaby– and extremely popular for selfies. Indeed, it is so cute, you want to get hold of this animal – and, by the way, have a look at the coin, too!

James Bond Legacy Series – Sean Connery

The Perth Mint dedicates its first issue of the James Bond Legacy Series to Sean Connery as 007. The coloured silver coin celebrates the first actor to impersonate the fictitious MI6 agent – for many aficionados still the quintessential Bond.

Australia’s First Coin of the Year Event Digital

This year, the Royal Australian Mint’s highly sought after First Coin of the Year event will be digital enabling anyone from anywhere in Australia to get their hands on the last coins made in 2020 and the first coins of 2021.

Australia Introduces the World’s First Donation Coin

Having faced a bushfire crisis, an ongoing global pandemic and an economic recession, many Australians are in need of a helping hand. In this context, the Royal Australian Mint is releasing the world’s first Donation Dollar, a one dollar coin designed to be donated.

Royal Australian Mint Celebrates Australia’s Olympians and Paralympians

The Royal Australian Mint has released three coins celebrating Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic teams. Despite the Tokyo games being postponed until 2021, the coins have been released on their original schedule.

Ethical Gold With the Help of Blockchain Technology

The Perth Mint has joined with technology specialists Security Matters Ltd to start the trueGold project. Their aim is to provide the surety that the gold has been ethically sourced and reliably tracked throughout its journey from the mine site to the marketplace.

50 Years of Australia’s Indian Pacific Train

In 1970 the Indian Pacific became the first direct train to cross the Australian continent. The Royal Australian Mint is celebrating this event of 50 years ago, with a new coloured 50 cent coin depicting the iconic Australian train.
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