Friday, 2023.03.24
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Paradigm Shift at the ANA: CNG Becomes an Official Auctioneer

Until now, the rule has been to auction US coins at ANA events. Now the ANA is breaking the mould: Classical Numismatic Group, the world-renowned specialist in ancient and world coins, will be an official auctioneer at an ANA show.

ANA Money Museum Receives Multi-Million Dollar Donation

Dwight Manley donated more than 1,000 medals and coins from the Baker-Manley Collection to the ANA Edward C. Rochette Money Museum. Most of the items are related to President George Washington and include extremely rare and important specimens.

Former ANA President Removed From ANA Accolade

The highest honor of the American Numismatic Association has been the Farran Zerbe Memorial Award. However, many award winners have asked to rename the award because a retrospective look reveals a rather ambiguous image of former ANA President Zerbe.

ANA Opens Up Auction Format to New Auction Houses

The American Numismatic Association is exploring options to change its auction format to encourage additional auctioneers to participate. In future, smaller auction houses may host ANA events besides the “Official ANA Auctions”. But to submit bids, you have to be quick!

Chicago World’s Fair of Money Gets the Green Light

Get ready for Chicago! The ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Chicago will take place as scheduled from 10th to 14th August 2021. A first-ever “Dealer Day” will be held immediately prior to the show.

CDN Publishing Ensures ANA Collector Classes To Remain Free

Launched in late June 2020, the American Numismatic Association eLearning Academy offers collectors 20 to 24 online courses per quarter. To ensure these classes remain free, the ANA partners with CDN Publishing.

Online Exhibition on English Civil Wars

The ANA’s Money Museum presents an online exhibition “Coins, Crown & Conflict: An Exploration of Cromwell’s England” dedicated to the history of the English Civil Wars featuring great rarities of English coins, as well as a number of early American coins.

ANA Approves $5.17 Million Budget for FY 2020-21

Covid-19 has hit the American Numismatic Association hard financially. The Board of Governors passed a $5.17 million budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 – a nearly 10 percent decrease from the previous year’s budget. In 2020 the ANA also cut nearly a third of its staff.

Discover the British Empire’s History Online

The American Numismatic Association offers a free 360-degree virtual reality tour of their Money Museum’s exhibit “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth” enabling coin enthusiasts to explore the history of the British Empire.

“Two Bits” – the ANA’s New Podcast

The American Numismatic Association launched a new podcast called “Two Bits”. Its hosts, ANA Museum Curator Douglas Mudd and The Numismatist author Mitch Sanders, discuss wide-ranging topics about numismatics and the world of coins and paper currency.