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Switzerland and Gold Highlight SINCONA’s Spring Auctions

Who would have thought a year ago that the Corona pandemic would still affect us so much in 2021 that an auction review has to start by addressing whether it will be possible to welcome collectors and dealers in May in the auction room at SINCONA in Zurich or whether bidding will only take place in writing, by phone and via internet.

Despite all pandemic-related obstacles, SINCONA is pleased to present two exceptional catalogues with many exciting rarities and coins, medals and banknotes of outstanding quality. Yes, this spring, for once banknotes will also be on offer. Both catalogues offer a total of 3279 lots with an estimate of about 3.3 million Swiss francs, which are waiting for their new owners.

Lot 1194.

Auction 69

The SINCONA auction sale starts with World Coins and Medals. This year, there is a clear trend towards gold coins being particularly popular with coin enthusiasts. Catalogue 69 proves this in an impressive way by means of gold coins from many countries.

Especially remarkable are the chapters Germany with Nuremberg, France, Italy and an important collection of more than 150 lots with coins, medals of the Netherlands with a series – we call it the Collection of a Connoisseur – of gold coins of splendid quality. Writing the descriptions of these specimens was a great pleasure and the future owners will certainly very much appreciate the result. Further areas are the Holy Roman Empire, Russia and, once again, the Czech Republic with a series of important medals on persons. In field of collection Ottoman Empire and Turkey, SINCONA offers beautiful medals and a series of orders and decorations.

Here are some examples that will stir the blood of every collector.

Lot 535.
  • 535: France, Murbach & Lüders Abbey, Leopold William (1626-1662). Ducat 1631. Only known specimen. Divo -. E&L -. Very fine. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 558: Great Britain, George IV (1820-1830). 5 Pounds 1826, London. Only 150 specimens minted. NGC PF61 CAMEO. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 599: India, Kingdom of Gohad. Bhagwant Singh (1836-1873). Mohur AH 1252/31, Gohad. Minted in AH 1274 (AD 1857). Extremely rare. NGC. AU53. Estimate: 1,500 CHF.
Lot 603.
  • 603: India, East India Company. Victoria (1837-1901). Mohur 1841 C (Calcutta). Restrike. Splendid quality. NGC PF64+. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 676: Italy, Naples-Sicily, Carlo II di Spagna (1665- 1700). Ducato 1689, Napoli. FDC. Estimate: 7,500 CHF.
  • 741: Vatican/Papal States, Pius VI (1775-1799). 5 Zecchini 1787/Anno XIII. Gorgeous first strike, NGC MS62 PL. Estimate: CHF 12,500.
  • 798: Liechtenstein, Johann II (1858-1929). 20 korona 1898, Vienna. Pattern celebrating the 40th anniversary of the reign. Only 35 specimens minted. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: CHF 17,500.
  • 850: Netherlands, County of Holland. Philip the Good (1433-1467). Cavalier d’or n.d. Extremely fine gem. Estimate: CHF 2,500.
Lot 863.
  • 863: Netherlands, Province of Holland. 2 ducats 1759. Off-metal strike from the dies of the “Scheepjesschelling” (ship’s shilling, 6 stüber). NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 7,500.
  • 887: Netherlands, Province of Utrecht. 2 ducats 1759, off-metal strike in gold from the dies of the 1/4 gulden. Standing Dutch Maiden. Gem. NGC MS62+. Estimate: CHF 4,500.
  • 898: Netherlands, Province of Utrecht. 2 ducats 1759, off-metal strike in gold from the dies of the “Scheepjeschilling “ (ship’s shilling, 6 stuiver). Fine gold patina. NGC MS63. Estimate: CHF 5,000.
  • 920: Netherlands, Province of Zeeland. 2 ½ ducats 1776, off-metal strike in gold from the dies of the 1/4 silver ducat. Extremely rare. NGC MS63. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 923: Netherlands, Batavian Republic. 2 ducats 1802, Enkhuizen. Off-metal strike in gold from the dies of the ½ gulden (½ “Scheepjesgulden”). For the Dutch East Indies. Extremely rare. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 5,000.
  • 944: Netherlands, Kingdom. William III (1849-1890). 20 guldens 1851, Utrecht. Dubbele Negotiepenning. Mint mark sword. With edge inscription. Only 2,500 specimens minted. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 10,000.
  • 955: Netherlands, Kingdom. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 10 guldens 1895, Utrecht. Variety with 5 above the 1. Only 149 specimens minted. Showpiece. NGC MD65*. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 1013: Poland, Wladyslaw IV (1632-1648). Taler 1635 I-I, Bromberg. Gem with fine patina. Extremely fine +. Estimate: CHF 5,000.
  • 1022: Poland, City of Danzig. Ducat 1586 with title of Sigismund Báthory. Very fine +. Estimate: CHF 3,000.
  • 1046: HRE/Austria. Ferdinand III (1637-1657). Taler 1640, Vienna. Gem, FCD. Estimate: CHF 1,000.
  • 1062: HRE/Austria. Charles VI (1711-1740). Ducat 1721 for Transylvania, Karlsburg. Extremely fine +. Estimate: CHF 1,800.
Lot 1101.
  • 1101: HRE/Austria. Franz Joseph I (1848-1916). Vereinskrone 1864 A, Vienna. Only 1,530 specimens minted. PCGS MS62. Estimate: CHF 8,000.
  • 1126: HRE/Austria. Franz Joseph I (1848-1916). 100 korona 1907, Kremnica. 40th coronation anniversary. Proof. PCGS PR64. Estimate: CHF 12,500.
  • 1139: HRE/Austria. Jelacic von Bužim, Count Josip, (1801-1859). Silver medal 1854 commemorating him being raised to hereditary count. Extremely rare. Extremely fine +. Estimate: CHF 500.
  • 1191: Russia. Nicholas I (1825- 1855). Silver medal 1829. Treaty of Adrianople (Edirne) with Turkey. Very rare. About extremely fine. Estimate: CHF 3,000.
  • 1194: Russia. Nicholas I (1825-1855). 12 roubles 1832, St. Petersburg. Platinum. Only 1102 specimens minted. NGC AU Details. Estimate: CHF 25,000.
Lot 1256.
  • 1256: Spain, Felipe III (1598-1621). 4 escudos 1611 C, Segovia. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 1277: Straits Settlements, Edward VII (1902-1910). 1 dollar 1903 B (incuse), Bombay. Fantastic patina. PCGS MS64. Estimate: CHF 4,000.
  • 1293: Czechia/Bohemia. Charles IV (I), (1346-1378). Ducat n.d., Kuttenberg. Very rare. Very fine +. Estimate: CHF 12,000.
  • 1381: Hungary/Transylvania. Christoph Bathory. Ducat 1580, Hermannstadt. Very rare, especially in this quality. FDC. Estimate: CHF 4,500.
  • 1384: USA. 5 dollars 1838, Dahlonega. Rare in this quality. NGC MS62, Estimate: CHF 25,000.
Lot 2421.

Bullion Auction and Banknotes China

Investing in gold is popular and the demand continues to rise. SINCONA has already identified this development in 2016 and has since offered a sale at special conditions: the SINCONA Bullion Auction. In this sale, bullion gold is auctioned off at special conditions to private individuals and dealers, buyers do not pay a premium added to the hammer price regardless of whether they participate in the sale as room bidders, submit their bids via writing or Live Bidding.

SINCONA is especially pleased to be able to present you an exceptional collection of banknotes in spring. This is the first part of an old collection of Chinese banknotes of a kind that is rarely offered on the market in this extension. More than 560 lots, all of them issued before 1949, show an impressive cross-section of the banknote history of this great country. Just browsing through all the colourful illustrations of the individual lots and entire series will give you great pleasure. Here are some outstanding specimens from this special chapter.

Lot 2009.
  • 2009: Imperial Bank of China, Peking Branch. 1 tael 1898. Very rare. Very fine +. Estimate: CHF 1,500.
  • 2111: Central Bank of China (National). 100 yuan 1936 for Tibet. Overprint in Tibetan script. Extremely fine +. Estimate: CHF 750.
  • 2249: Foreign Banks. Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China / Shanghai Branch. 5 Dollars 1927. About extremely fine. Estimate: CHF 500.
  • 2421: Provincial Banks. Pei-Yang Tientsin Bank. 3 dollars n.d. (ca. 1910). Very rare in this quality. Uncirculated Estimate: CHF 3,000.
Lot 3100.

Auction 70

The second catalogue, SINCONA Auction 70 – does not only mention “Swiss Coins and Medals” on the cover but also the subtitle “Gold Rarities”. This tells connoisseurs what to expect when opening the almost 250 pages: multiple ducats, ducats and gold guldens of gorgeous quality and greatest rarity, many of them have not been offered for decades. Enjoy the magnificent coins and medals that show how beautiful Swiss numismatics are.

Lot 3096.
  • 3096: Switzerland, City of Basel. 6 ducats 1741, Basel. Splendid first strike and extremely rare. NGC MS63 PL. Estimate: CHF 80,000.
  • 3100: Switzerland, City of Basel. Double ducat 1743, Basel. Gem. NGC MS64. Estimate: CHF 17,500.
  • 3184: Switzerland, Bern. Double ducat 1600, Bern. Gem. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 3189: Switzerland, Bern. Double ducat 1727, Bern. Magnificent first strike. NGC MS64+ PL. Estimate: CHF 3,500.
  • 3202: Switzerland, Bern. Ducat 1788, Bern. Splendid quality. NGC MS66. Estimate: CHF 4,500.
  • 3213: Switzerland, Bern. 4 ducats 1796, Bern. Magnificent first strike. NGC MS64 PL. Estimate: CHF 35,000.
  • 3322: Switzerland, Geneva. Triple pistole 1771, Geneva. Only 1910 specimens minted. Splendid quality. NGC MS66. Estimate: CHF 25,000.
Lot 3389.
  • 3389: Switzerland, Haldenstein. Thomas I. von Schauenstein-Ehrenfels (1609-1628). 7 ducats 1617. Extremely rare and of excellent quality. NGC MS63. Estimate: CHF 80,000.
  • 3392: Switzerland, Diocese of Chur. Johann Anton v. Federspiel (1755-1777). Ducat 1767, Chur. Extremely rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 3399: Switzerland, Canton of Graubünden. 16 francs 1813 (duplone), Bern. NGC MS65. Estimate: CHF 18,000.
  • 3417: Switzerland, Lucerne. 5 ducats 1741, Lucerne. Extremely rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS64. Estimate: CHF 45,000.
  • 3418: Switzerland, Lucerne. Ducat 1741, Lucerne. Very rare and first strike. NGC MS65+ PL. Estimate: CHF 5,000.
  • 3427: Switzerland, Lucerne. 24 Münzgulden 1794/Double duplone, Lucerne. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 22,000.
  • 3431: Switzerland, Lucerne. 24 Münzgulden 1796/Double duplone, Lucerne. NGC MS64+. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 3441: Switzerland, Lucerne. 20 francs 1807, Lucerne. Very rare. NGC MS63. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 3477: Switzerland, Schaffhausen. Ducat 1633, Schaffhausen. Very rare. NGC MS63. Estimate: CHF 5,500.
  • 3523: Switzerland, Schwyz. Ducat 1844, Schwyz. Only 50 specimens minted. Usual traces of overstriking. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: CHF 15,000.
  • 3531: Switzerland, Einsiedeln. Ducat 1783. Very rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS64. Estimate: CHF 8,000.
Lot 3548.
  • 3548: Switzerland, Solothurn. 16 francs (duplone) 1813. Solothurn. Only 150 specimens minted. NGC MS61. Estimate: CHF 17,500.
  • 3550: Switzerland, Solothurn. 8 francs (half duplone) 1813. Solothurn. Only 106 specimens minted. Almost FDC. Estimate: CHF 20,000.
  • 3557: Switzerland, Abbey of St. Gallen. Beda Angehrn v. Hagenwil (1767-1796). Ducat 1774. Mint of the abbey. Very rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS64. Estimate: CHF 9,000.
  • 3598: Switzerland, Uri. Ducat 1720, Altdorf. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate: CHF 4,000.
  • 3599: Switzerland, Uri. Ducat 1736, Altdorf. First strike NGC MS63 PL. Estimate: CHF 4,000.
  • 3660: Switzerland, Zurich. Gold gulden n.d. (ca. 1620), Zurich. Very rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS65+. Estimate: CHF 6,500.
  • 3663: Switzerland, Zurich. 4 ducats 1624, Zurich. Extremely rare and of gorgeous quality. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 60,000.
  • 3669: Switzerland, Zurich. 5 ducats 1720, Zurich. Off-metal strike in gold of the half taler featuring a city view. Extremely rare. NGC MS62. Estimate: CHF 80,000.
  • 3736: Switzerland, Zurich/Abbey of Rheinau. Gerold v. Zurlauben (1697-1735). Ducat 1723. Commemorating the golden jubilee of priesthood. Very rare and almost FDC. Estimate: CHF 7,500.

An interesting chapter is dedicated to the coins of the Helvetic Republic with various rarities that special collectors have probably been looking for for a long time.

Lot 3751.
  • 3751: Switzerland, Helvetic Republic. 4 francs 1799 B, Bern. Pattern. Very rare and of excellent quality. FDC. Estimate: CHF 6,000.

As always, coins of modern Switzerland minted after 1850 are an essential part of the SINCONA auction. Here are some of the greatest rarities:

Lot 3811.
  • 3811: Switzerland, Confederation. 2 francs 1857 B, Bern. Only 622 specimens minted. First strike. NGC PS62. Estimate: CHF 18,000.

After that, a series of patterns and mint error coins of Swiss numismatics (73 lots), medals, jetons and shooting issues (230 lots) will be on offer.

Lot 4034.
  • 4034: Switzerland, Geneva. Confederate Schützenfest 1887. Extremely rare with gorgeous patina. Almost FDC. Estimate: CHF 400.
  • 4082: Switzerland, Schwyz. Confederate Schützenfest 1867. Extremely rare and with attractive patina. Almost FDC. Estimate: 1,500 CHF.


In addition to these two special SINCONA catalogues, the auction house has another major event to celebrate in May: SINCONA AG was founded 10 years ago by Jürg Richter. During this time, they experienced a lot and were able to provide their customers with 70 interesting catalogues. SINCONA is very proud to celebrate this anniversary and if you’ve already received the catalogues, you know why it is mention this in the auction preview. The newsletters will also tell you about it; stay tuned.

All lots oft he auction can be viewed online.

SINCONA AG hopes to be able to welcome you in person on 17 to 19 May 2021 in Zurich, otherwise they are always available for you via phone, mail or online during the auction days. Their homepage always keeps you up to date.