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SINCONA’s October Auctions 2020

This fall SINCONA AG holds their fall auctions from 19 to 21 October 2020 with many high-quality coins, medals and banknotes. The hardcover-catalogues are shipped all over the world:

  • Auction 65: Russia,
  • Auction 66: World Coins and Medals (SINCONA Bullion Auction and World Banknotes),
  • Auction 67: Special catalogue Iran, Orders and Decorations,
  • Auction 68: Swiss Coins, Medals and Banknotes

Almost 4000 lots with an estimate of more than 4.3 million Swiss francs are waiting to find a new, proud owner. There is a wide range of topics and it is almost impossible to list them all, which means that there will be interesting items for all lovers of numismatics regardless of their budget and field of collection.

Auction 65: Russian Coins and Medals (October 19, 2020)

This catalogue contains almost 400 lots with an overall estimate of more than half a million Swiss francs. It is peppered with issues of all tsars and also includes pieces made after the October Revolution. Let us mention some exciting highlights:

Auction 66: World Coins and Medals – SINCONA Bullion Auction – World Banknotes (October 19/20, 2020)

This extremely comprehensive catalogue covers three topics, which explain the broad world of numismatics and monetary history in the best way possible. In the first part, you will encounter almost 1300 lots with coins and medals from several countries and all epochs, among them are many rare individual pieces including extremely rare material varieties and mint error coins, gold coins from Europe and from the New World; especially worth mentioning is an important selection of issues from the Holy Roman Empire. However, the catalogue starts with the Claude Stritt Special Collection. Following the wishes of the deceased collector’s daughter, this series of about 80 lots was not distributed among the different areas but is offered as a whole and precedes the general part of this catalogue – thanks to the important Russian ducat it contains, it is the ”bridge” between catalogue 65 and 66.

The section SINCONA Bullion Auction is the second chapter of Auction 66. The auction platform has turned into a staple at SINCONA and, as the gold price increased over the year, it has become of particular interest to investors. It presents investment and bullion gold offered at the best terms possible for both private persons as well as dealers who want to invest. This section comprises 128 lots. And by now we all know: Customers do not have to pay any premium at this special auction, regardless of whether they participate as a bidder on site, by e-mail or letter or via live bidding. Take a close look at how this auction works, it is easier than most people think.

In the last part of Auction 66 on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 20, almost 400 lots with World Banknotes will be on offer. Some special sections will immediately catch the eye of experts. First, there is a special collection Albania with 80 lots including several great rarities offered at moderate prices. France and assignats represent monetary history at its purest. Originally meant as interest-bearing government bonds, assignats, which had been issued after the confiscation of properties owned by the Church and crown lands, were gradually put into circulation and became legal tender. 45 lots are dealing with this exciting topic. Moreover, there are graded Greek banknotes of outstanding quality, Italy and an important series of Lithuanian specimen notes, which can rarely be found on the market. This is followed by 70 lots on Russia, which will find new owners at reasonable estimates. By the way, you can find Swiss banknotes in the Special Catalogue Switzerland, Auction 68.

Auction 67: Coins and Medals from Iran – Orders and Decorations (October 20, 2020)

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, October 20, 2020, we will open another catalogue – that of Auction 67 with issues from Persia/Iran (368 lots (including three very rare banknotes), with an estimate of almost 115,000 Swiss francs) and important orders and decorations (99 lots with an estimate of 413,000 francs), also including a large section of Persian rulers. Only two years after the famous Kian Collection was auctioned off, SINCONA is once again able to offer interesting pieces from the Middle East. The entire Persian monetary history starting with the time of the Umayyads and Abbasids, to the Zand, Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties; you will find everything.

Auction 68: Swiss Coins, Medals and Banknotes (21 October 2020)

SINCONA’s Auction 68 comprises about 1300 lots and covers the entire spectrum of Swiss numismatics. The estimate of this catalogue amounts to almost 1.9 million Swiss francs. Already at the beginning of the catalogue, there is an abundance of coins, medals and, in particular, school tokens from the canton of Aargau that you do not encounter anywhere else. Once again, there is a significant amount of 18 lots containing gold coins from Bern. In addition, there are many medals and jetons. Also in the section of issues from Geneva we encounter several of the very rare gold coins, 12 of these issues are on offer. The last pieces in the section of cantonal coinage are those of Zurich and coins of the Helvetic Republic, after that, there are the issues from modern Switzerland.

About 50 lots containing “regular” Swiss coins are followed by as much as 17 pages listing 63 lots with patterns, then you will find more than 150 lots containing mint error coins.

Lot 6311: Banknotes. Switzerland. Swiss National Bank. 100 francs from 1 January 1917. Proof banknote by Orell Füssli, Zurich. Extremely rare. Estimate: CHF 10,000.

SINCONA’s three exciting auction days are rounded off by Swiss Banknotes at the end of Catalogue 68. Here, too, – especially regarding the issues of the Swiss National Bank – we encounter an abundance of rarities and some unknown proof banknotes, which every collector would certainly like to call his own.


The whole catalogue can be found on the website of SINCONA.

If you have further questions, you can contact the auction house directly via email.