Swissmint’s New Roger Federer Gold Coin

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Swissmint issues four new coins on 3 September 2020. After the huge rush for the Roger Federer silver coin, Swissmint is following up with an issue of 10,000 Roger Federer gold coins, featuring a new motif. At the same time, it is making a further 40,000 Roger Federer silver coins available. In addition, Switzerland’s 85,000 firefighters, the Susten Pass and the project of the century – the Ceneri base tunnel – are being honoured by Swissmint with a commemorative coin.

Switzerland / 50 Swiss francs / Gold .900 / 11.29g / 25mm / Mintage: 10,000 (Proof).

Roger Federer Now in Gold – And Even More Silver

Roger Federer won his first ever Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2003. At the Wimbledon Championships alone, he has bagged a further seven titles, the last in 2017 at the age of 35 and five years after his previous Grand Slam victory. These eight successes make him a Wimbledon record-holder in a class of his own. The new 50-franc gold coin references the special relationship between Roger Federer and the Wimbledon Championships by showing him holding his Wimbledon trophy after winning the 2009 final. Owing to the high demand, Swissmint has also struck an additional 40,000 Roger Federer silver coins in uncirculated quality, and is issuing these for sale.

Overview of Roger Federer coin editions

Roger Federer coins Pre-sale Issue date Issue date Total
02.-19.12.2019 23.01.2020 03.09.2020 pieces
Uncirculated silver coins in blister pack 33,000 22,000 40,000 95,000
Uncirculated silver coins in folder 5,000 5,000
Proof silver coins in presentation case 10,000 10,000
Proof gold coins in presentation case 10,000 10,000
33,000 37,000 50,000 120,000


Switzerland / 20 Swiss francs / Silver .835 / 20g / 33mm / Mintage: 20,000 (Uncirculated), 5,000 (Proof).

150 Years of Swiss Firefighters Association

The Swiss Firefighters Association: 150 years of rescuing, helping and protecting. Day and night, around 85,000 firefighters in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are ready to help fellow citizens in case of danger. More than 98% of them perform their duties on a voluntary basis in addition to their usual jobs. With this 20-franc silver coin, Swissmint is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Firefighters Association. At the same time, the coin is intended as a tribute to the achievements of the men and women of the fire departments in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Their commitment to the public’s well-being cannot be taken for granted.

Switzerland / 20 Swiss francs / Silver .835 / 20g / 33mm / Mintage: 7,500 (Proof).

NRLA – Ceneri 2020

NRLA – Ceneri 2020: project of the century completed! Following the completion of the Lötschberg and Gotthard base tunnels in 2007 and 2016, the Ceneri base tunnel is the last major construction project of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA). The tunnel goes into operation in December 2020 and will bring major improvements for passenger and freight traffic on the Gotthard line. In addition, it will boost regional travel by providing a direct rail link between Lugano and Locarno. Swissmint is issuing a 20-franc silver coin to mark the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel. At the same time, this commemorative coin recognises the entire endeavour involved in the NRLA – the project of the century.

Switzerland / 20 Swiss francs / Silver .835 / 20g / 33mm / Mintage: 20,000 (Uncirculated), 5,000 (Proof).

Third and Last Pass Issue: Susten Pass

Susten Pass: a popular Swiss excursion destination. The Susten Pass route was first documented at the beginning of the 17th century, but gained in importance from 1818 onwards, after it was converted into a navigable road – and also because Napoleon had seized control of the Simplon Pass, cutting off Bernese access to the trade route into northern Italy. In 1938, transport policy and national defence considerations prompted the Confederation to build a modern road through the pass. This was opened on 7 September 1946. Today, the Susten Pass (2,259 metres a.s.l.), with its numerous bridges and tunnels and the superb mountain landscape that surrounds it, is one of the most popular passes in Switzerland. After the Klausen Pass and the Furka Pass, Swissmint is dedicating the third and final 20-franc silver coin in the Swiss Alpine Passes series to the Susten Pass.

The Christmas coin set comprises all 2020 circulation coins in BU, and a Christmas medal (Mintage: 1,500).

The new Christmas coin set rounds off Swissmint’s programme of issues for 2020. It combines the 2020 circulation coins with a shiny Christmas medal. The medal depicts a trumpet-blowing angel and snow stars on the front, and the star of Bethlehem on the reverse.


For more information, please visit the Swissmint website.

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Also this coin is a technological record: the world’s smallest gold coin comes from Switzerland!