Supplement to the Corpus of Fatimid Coins

Norman Douglas Nicol, A Corpus of Fatimid Coins: Supplement. Santa Rosa (CA) 2021. 56 pages, 10 plates with b/w images. Softcover. $30.
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In 2006 Dr. Norman Douglas Nicol published the important reference work “A Corpus of Fatimid Coins”, which includes over 2,700 pieces. Now the supplement is for sale. It features hundreds of coins not included in the original work.

Dr. Norman Douglas (Doug) Nicol received a doctorate in Medieval Islamic History from the University of Washington (Seattle) in 1979 and during a subsequent post-doctoral stay in Egypt, co-authored a catalog of the coins and related items in the Egyptian National Library, Cairo (1982). During the years that he worked for Stephen Album in California, he researched and compiled his Corpus of Fatimid Coins, which was published in 2006. He has been a senior research fellow at Oxford University since 2001, having agreed to write five of the proposed ten volumes of the Sylloge of the Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean. For many years, he has contributed to the various Krause-Mishler catalogs, including two editions of The Standard Catalog of German Coins. He continues to write new content for the catalog listings of many European countries, as well as revisions of existing entries for Europe, the Islamic countries and India.

His 2006 work, A Corpus of Fatimid Coins, is considered the standard reference for Fatimid coins (909-1171 AD). The vast catalogue includes 2,720 pieces from 49 mints, listed in ruler/mint order, including 442 different types or dates of coins struck in Sicily. There is a 46-page introduction followed by a 384-page catalogue plus 68 plates.

The supplement published in 2021 and formally released for sale in 2022 is a wonderful addition to the original 2006 publication. It covers hundreds of coins not included in the original work. It includes approximately 400 new listings with ten plates of high quality black and white images. Printed copies are limited to a run of only 100 books, more of half of which have already been sold as of the writing of this article.


You can order the supplement via Steve Album.

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In 2015 one of the most important Fatimid gold coin hoards and the largest gold hoard of Israel was discovered.