Steps to Take When You Inherit Coins

American Numismatic Association, Managing and Settling a Numismatic Estate: How to Preserve or Dispose of a Coin Collection. 2019. 40 p. Paperback. ASIN: 0896370321. 9,95$.
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So you’ve inherited a coin collection. Where do you go from here? You could leave the coins in that cigar box or closet, or you could figure out what to do with them.

Before making a decision, pick up a copy of Managing and Settling a Numismatic Estate: How to Preserve or Dispose of a Coin Collection. Produced by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association (ANA), the booklet covers practical tips for caring for a collection, inventorying and assessing value to the coins, and finding buyers. You will also learn how to create an estate plan, liquidate a collection, donate the coins for a tax deduction, and more.

Available on Amazon, the guide is practical and easy to understand, showing how to preserve or dispose of a coin collection in a way that works best for you. The booklet is also available directly from the ANA by calling 800-514-2646.

Perhaps you’ll come to find that you are fascinated by the art and history behind the coins. If that is the case, consider becoming a collector yourself. The coins you inherited are a great way to get started on your collecting journey. If the collecting bug sticks, joining the American Numismatic Association will provide an abundance of educational resources, while allowing you to focus on the fun, the history and the allure of coin collecting.


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