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Bidding Fights Over Special Collections at Leu Sale

The results of Leu Numismatik’s Web Auction 16 indicate that their customers show a particularly high level of interest for the auctioning of collections. As such, the hammer price of the Bentsen collection was an impressive 371,023 CHF (starting price: 114,700 CHF), that of the Rhakotis collection 203,690 CHF (starting price: 36,800 CHF), and that of the tesserae 22,040 CHF (starting price: 5,700 CHF). In total, 1,694 different bidders from 73 countries participated in Web Auction 16. Their no less than 46,860 (!) bids ensured that the total result was a highly impressive 2,849,721 CHF (starting price: 613,075 CHF).

Lot 50: Ptolemaic Kings. Arsinoe II (died 270 BC). Mnaieion or Oktadrachm, Alexandria mint. Starting price: 3,000 CHF. Hammer price: 22,000 CHF.
Lot 1587: Bactria. Plato (c. 145-140 BC). Tetradrachm, Balkh mint. Starting price: 5,000 CHF. Hammer price: 28,000 CHF.

Coin collections vary as much as the people who assemble them. Some offer a broad panorama of an entire cultural area, others bring together as many varieties as possible from a narrowly defined area, and still others captivate with their selection of coins of particularly high artistic quality. What they all have in common, however, is a character of their own, reflecting the interests and idiosyncrasies of their collectors. It is therefore of particular concern to an auction house to preserve this character when selling collections and to present them in an appropriate form. Leu Numismatik adapt their way of offering the respective coins individually and provide accompanying texts with larger groups of coins. Particularly important collections even receive their own printed auction catalogue.

Lot 3456: Domitian (81-96). Aureus, 87 AD, Rome mint. Starting price: 5,000 CHF. Hammer price: 18,001 CHF.
Lot 3715: Constantine I (307/310-337). Solidus, 313-315, Treveri mint. Starting price: 3,000 CHF. Hammer price: 13,000 CHF.

Web Auction 16, which took place on the weekend of Pentecost, included several collections that were offered in closed groups, namely the Birger Bentsen collection of ancient gold coins (lots 1-90), the Rhakotis collection of coins from Alexandria (lots 1782-2717), as well as a collection of lead tesserae from Asia Minor (lots 3102-3292). There were also coins from many other private collections dispersed throughout the auction, such as those from Dr. P. Vogl and J. Knudsen.

Here you can find all prices realized in Leu Numismatik’s Web Auction 16.


Would you like to consign your collection or suitable individual items to one of Leu Numismatik’s upcoming auctions? Contact them now at via email or phone: +41 52 214 11 10. Leu Numismatik would be especially pleased to meet you in person at their office at Stadthausstrasse 143 in 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland, or by appointment in Munich, Germany. For further information, visit their website.