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Spanish Coins in Tauler & Fau’s E-Auction 74

Tauler & Fau’s E-Auction 74: Spanish Coins Vol. VIII features 798 lots and closes on Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, beginning at 03:00 P.M. (CEST). The sale includes Visigothic Coins, Al Andalus Coinage, Medieval, Spanish Monarchy, Spanish Colonial, Provisional Government, the Peseta, Spanish Civil War, Spanish State and Spanish Banknotes.

Lot 1001.

Some highlights from this Auction:

  • Lot 1001: Suinthila (621-631). Tremissis. Barbi (Antequera). Av: +SVINTHILARE. Rv: +PIVSBARBI. Ex Chaves collection. Extremely fine. Starting Price: 320 EUR.
  • Lot 1384: Philip V (1700-1746). 8 escudos, 1715/4/3, Sevilla mint “Cross” type. Mintmark, value and assayer on reverse. Double overdate. Used as a jewelry piece. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 1,500 EUR.
Lot 1400.
  • Lot 1400: Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos, 1759, Lima mint. Without value indication. Small planchet flaws on obverse. Scarce. Almost extremely fine. Starting Price: 1,400 EUR.
Lot 1224.
  • Lot 1224: Philip II (1556-1598). Doble ducado, Overijssel mint. Scarce. It retains some traces of welding. Very fine. Starting Price: 600 EUR.
  • Lot 1009: Kingdom of Taifas. Abbad ibn Muhammad, Al-Mutadid. Dinar, 438 H, Al-Andalus mint. Longitudinal strike in obverse. Very scarce. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 500 EUR.
  • Lot 1383: Philip V (1700-1746). 2 escudos, Santa Fe de Nuevo Reino mint. Date not visible. Lions and castles. Rare. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 400 EUR.
Lot 1330.
  • Lot 1330: Philip IV (1621-1665). 1 patagon, 1654, Bruges mint. Patina. Very fine. Starting Price: 80 EUR.


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