Solidus Numismatik e. K.

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Numismatic Literature at Solidus

At the fourth Solidus Literature Auction 41 on the AUEX auction platform, the amazing amount of 1311 lots will be offered. The years of publication of the works range from 1617 to 2018. The range of print products at auction extends as before from rare bibliophilic rarities and important numismatic standard works to monographs on antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times, to numismatic journals and numerous highly interesting auction catalogues from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

You can already place your bids at the AUEX auction platform. The live auction will begin on Saturday, 11 May 2019 at 16:00 CET. Bidders with a total surcharge of more than 2500,- Euros will be charged a reduced buyer’s fee of 19.5%.

Some representative highlights of the auction:

Lot 23: Joseph / Fellner (1896/1903/1920): Die Münzen von Frankfurt am Main.

Bibliophilic Volumes

The beginning of the auction is dedicated to bibliophile old prints. In addition to four exquisite works by H. Goltzius on Greek and Roman coins from 1617-1620 (lots 12-15), many other titles from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries are offered. Here is to be particularly emphasized: Joseph, P. / Fellner, E.: Die Münzen von Frankfurt am Main, nebst einer münzgeschichtlichen Einleitung und mehreren Anhängen (Frankfurt am Main 1896, 1903 and 1920). Also remarkable: Tentzel’s Saxonia Numismatica (Dresden 1705).

Lot 265: Voetter (1903): Slg. Bachofen von Echt.

Ancient Numismatics

This section contains a complete RIC (Roman Imperial Coinage. Vol. 1-10, London 1968-1994), Kellner’s Münzfunde von Manching und die keltischen Fundmünzen aus Südbayern (Stuttgart 1990); Seltman’s The Temple Coins of Olympia as original print (Cambridge 1921) as well as O. Voetter: Slg. Bachofen von Echt. Römische Münzen und Medaillen. Mit Exlibris “Aus der Büchersammlung Augusts Bachofen von Echt” (Vienna 1903).

Lot 479: Höfken v. Hattingsheim (1886-1906): Archiv für Bracteatenkunde.

Medieval and Modern Numismatics

Among the numismatic literature of the Middle Ages and modern times, the collector once again finds numerous standard works as original prints, including mainly French, German and Austrian literature and numerous works on medal art. Beautiful examples are: Höfken v. Hattingsheim: Archiv für Bracteatenkunde (Wien 1886-1906); the very rare work by E. Bahrfeldt: Das Münz- und Geldwesen der Fürstenthümer Hohenzollern (Berlin 1900); Huszar’s Georgsmünzen (Budapest 1940) as well as Suchier’s Die Münzen der Grafen von Hanau (Hanau 1897).

Lot 879: Revue Belge de Numismatique. (1842-1904).


Among the magazines on offer you can find for example the first volumes of the Revue Belge de Numismatique (1842-1904) and some issues of the very rare magazine Der Münzensammler (Budweis).

Auction catalogues

Auction catalogues are again represented with many important collections, among them larger series of auction catalogues from before 1945, including: coll. Pozzi as original print, Oppenheimer, Peltzer, Essling (in impeccable quality), Zschiesche & Köder, Erbstein, Hahlo, Harmening, Kraaz, Stroehlin, Vogel and many more. There are some complete series of auction catalogues, including those of Künker, which contain important collections, such as the treasured “de Wit Collection” with all partial volumes.

You can place your maximum bids before the auction – or during the live auction, during which you can bid on the lots in real time and actively influence the auction process, similar to a floor auction. The live auction starts on Saturday, 11 May 2019 at 16:00 CET. Please register until Friday, May 10th at 13:00 CET.

You can download the complete catalogue as pdf directly here.

You can browse through the online auction catalogue either on AUEX or Sixbid.

For further information go to the Solidus Numismatik website.