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Great selection of Gold Coins to be found at the upcoming SINCONA Sale

This year’s SINCONA AG Spring Auctions in Zurich will begin on May 20th with Catalog 54, World Gold Coins and Medals. It has almost become a tradition for this auction house to pay particular attention to coins and medals made of the precious metal; this time, more than 1300 lots will be offered.

Auction Sale 54: Gold Coin and Medals

A large number of beautiful and exciting gold coins awaits collectors from all over the world. Let us present some of the most outstanding pieces here.

-Lot 209: Germany, Hanau-Lichtenberg, Johann Reinhard I, gold gulden 1618 with Matthias title. Very rare. Estimate: 5,000 CHF.
– Lot 213: Germany, Löwenstein-Wertheim, Johann Ludwig Volrad. Ducat 1771. Extremely rare. Estimate: 15,000 CHF.
– Lot 474: France, Duchy of Lorraine, Leopold I. 1/2 Leopold d’or 1718. Not offered in an auction for about 30 years. Extremely fine and extremely rare specimen with an estimate of 15,000 CHF.
– Lot 575: Iran, Ahmad Shah, 1327-1344 AH (1909-1925). Gold medal 1337 AH worth 10 toman. 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Cossack Brigade. Only the silver version was part of the Kian Collection. Estimate: 10,000 CHF.
– Lot 624: Italy, Florence. Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena. Ruspone 1787. Extremely rare in this grade / NGC MS64. Estimate: 6,000 CHF.

– Lot 633: Italy, Mantua. Francesco IV. Gonzaga, ducat 1612. All of the coins struck under this duke, who reigned for a mere 10 months, are extremely rare. Now, a so far unknown ducat has been discovered. Estimate: 8,000 CHF.
– Lot 634: Italy, Mantua. Vincenzo II. Gonzaga, da 2 doppie 1627. Second known specimen of this gold coin of superb quality. Estimate: 35,000 CHF.
– Lot 979: Holy Roman Empire/Austria, Rudolf II. Ducat 1578, Vienna. Extremely rare. Estimate: 2,000 CHF.

You will find a great rarity in the Hungary section of the auction. In 1661, the Turkish Sultan Ali Pasha of Silistra made Michael Apafi the Prince of Transylvania. Only after the Turks had been defeated did Apafi come to an arrangement with the Emperor in Vienna.

Auction Sale 55: US Rarities

Collectors of coins and medals from the United States of America can look forward to an important collection in the second catalog: Auction 55, US Rarities. It encompasses 200 lots with an abundance of rare and rarest gold, silver and copper coins, most of which are of astounding quality.

As is the norm in the U.S. and as is desired by collectors, all coins were certified by NGC and provided with the respective U.S.-American grades. NGC and its team of experts were impressed by this specialized collection. The auction will commence in the afternoon of Monday, May 20th, giving U.S.-American collectors and anyone else interested the chance to bid in the auction live in their time zone as well.

– Lot 1519: 2 1/2 dollars 1843. Charlotte mint. The highest graded specimen of the 2988 pieces struck in total. NGC MS62. Estimate: 17,500 CHF.
– Lot 1546: 3 dollars 1864. Philadelphia mint. NGC PF64+ CAMEO. Estimate: 25,000 CHF.
– Lot 1574: 1 dollar 1883, San Francisco mint. NGC MS65. Estimate: 15,000 CHF.

Bullion coins and investor gold

The morning of May 21st, 2019 will see the SINCONA Gold Auction, which has become well-known amongst collectors in the meantime. The auction platform has turned into a staple at SINCONA auctions. It presents investment and bullion gold offered at the best possible prices and terms for both private individuals as well as dealers who want to invest. However, it has now been renamed SINCONA Bullion Auction, as it is no longer restricted to gold. It now also includes other metals such silver and a collection of modern palladium coins encompassing a total of 132 lots, all of which you can find in this catalog. This Special Catalog 56 emphasizes the exceptional possibility of acquiring investment gold or contemporary precious metal coins.

World Coins and Medals

The afternoon of May 21st, 2019 will see the auction of Catalog 57 World and Swiss Coins, Medals and Tokens.
It is well worth it to look through the individual sections A through Z in detail. Among the extensive Germany, France and Holy Roman Empire collections, but also in some of the smaller specialized chapters, you will often find something you may have been looking for in vain for years.

In the Germany section, we want to point out
– Lot 2736: Duchy of Silesia-Legnica-Brieg, Georg, Ludwig u. Christian. Taler 1661, Breslau mint, not offered in an auction in decades. Estimate: 20,000 CHF.
– Lot 2768: Württemberg-Weiltingen, Friedrich Ferdinand. Silver medal in celebration of the wedding of his daughter Hedwig-Frederike and Johan August of Anhalt-Zerbst. Extremely rare. Estimate: 5,000 CHF.

The French section offers coins and medals for every budget. Some examples include:
– Lot 2957: Bishopric of Strasbourg, Georg of Brandenburg. 1/4 taler klippe / 20 kreuzer 1592, struck during the siege by Charles of Lorraine. Extremely rare. Estimate: 1,500 CHF.
– Lot 2924: Directoire, 1795-1797. Décime An 5 (1796/1797), Strasbourg mint, mint mark BB. Very rare in this quality; NGC MS65 (the highest graded piece by NGC). Estimate: 1,000 CHF.

In the Italy section, we want to point out one medieval coin and one piece from Savoy:
– Lot 3026: Trieste, Wolcango or Voscalco vescovo. Denaro anonimo n. d. (minted after 1195). Extraordinarily well struck. Estimate: 3,750 CHF.
– Lot 3015: Savoy, Vittorio Amedeo II. Scudo bianco 1682. NGC VF45. Extremely rare. Estimate: 20,000 CHF.

Yugoslavia. Three so far unpublished brass trial pieces from 1925 at once have been discovered and are awaiting a specialized collector. As does a 4 ducat trial piece from 1926.

Of course, we will also offer coins and medals from the Holy Roman Empire with more than 400 lots again. We want to present the following pieces as representatives of this section:
– Lot 3160: Holy Roman Empire, Ferdinand II. Half taler 1632, Breslau mint. Very rare and of extremely good grade. Estimate: 5,000 CHF.
– Lot 3186: Holy Roman Empire. Ferdinand IV. Taler 1646, Prague mint. In celebration of his coronation as King of Bohemia. Very rare: Estimate: 2,000 CHF.

Some individual Mediatized Houses of Austria also deserve particular attention; the coins and medals of the Archbishopric of Olomouc is just one of many outstanding examples. This section takes you through the entire monetary history and includes numerous reasonably priced pieces.
– Lot 3368: Holy Roman Empire, Archbishopric of Olomouc. Friedrich, Landgrave of Fürstenberg. Silver medal 1888. In celebration of the Second Moravian Shooting. Very rare. Estimate: 1,000 CHF.

Not only countries are included in the SINCONA AG catalogs, but also specialties, as is proven by various Olympic medals. You will find them, for example, as lot number:

Swiss Coins and Medals

May 22nd is dedicated to Swiss Coins and Medals. We remain in SINCONA Catalog 57. As per usual, the Swiss section is particularly substantial compared to other nations, and the respective gold coins have also been added to this section. It includes more than 1300 lots and a large amount of cantonal coins; and the coins of Zurich are an absolute heavy weight! We have not seen this many Zurich coins of mostly exceptional grade in a long time.
– Lot 4196: Bern. 8 ducats 1797, off-metal strike in gold of a half taler. Extremely rare, removed from mounting, however. Estimate: 30,000 CHF.
– Lot 4227: Bern. 4 francs 1826 trial piece. Only 75 specimens minted. Beautiful patina. Estimate: 17,500 CHF.
– Lot 4237: Bern. Sechszehnerpfennig n. d. (1725). Off-metal strike in gold weighing 4 ducats, unknown until now. Estimate: 7,500 CHF.
– Lot 4433: Lucerne. 4 ducats 1741. Die by J. Thiébaud. Gorgeous quality and very rare. Estimate: 30,000 CHF.
– Lot 4530: Uri. Pistole n. d. (1635). Very rare in this quality. Estimate: 10,000 CHF.
– Lot 4572: Zurich. Guldiner 1526, so-called Kelchtaler struck from church silver, minted in the context of Zwingli’s Reformation movement. Estimate: 3,500 CHF.
– Lot 4706: Switzerland, Zurich. Golden marriage medal n. d. (after 1678) at the weight of a 12 ducat. Including the fire-gilded box. Extremely rare. Estimate: 5,000 CHF.

The Swiss Confederacy is also well represented by various rarities, trial pieces, error coins, shooting talers and medals.

In a special section, we will take a look at Bern and discover an enjoyable change to the gold coins, trial pieces and heavy-weight talers. We will offer tokens from the former Willi Rüegg Collection (118 lots). With his collection, the coin enthusiast proved that the marginal collection fields of numismatic should not be ignored. You can look forward to about 100 lots!
– Lot 4248: Bern, token 1578. Rüegg 3a (from Grossmann Collection and Blatter Collection), Estimate: 700 CHF.
– Lot 4365: Burgdorf, school token 1682. One of the oldest school tokens and completely unknown until now. Estimate: 600 CHF.

Another special chapter is dedicated to the medals of Franco Annoni (1924-1992). The renowned Lucerne-based artist did not discover his love of medals until 1970. 15 lots offer a representative sample of his work, three of them are large reliefs of models for later medals.
– Lot 4457: Switzerland, Medalist F. Annoni. Bronze cast relief 1986 in celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Zurich. Original size 36 cm. Estimate: 500 CHF.

You can look forward to four catalogs filled with an abundance of numismatics in all of its facets – just as SINCONA has offered it over the course of more than eight years. And as usual, we will gladly offer our expert advice and answer any questions you might have about lots and their grades. If you cannot or do not want to go all the way to the beautiful city of Zurich, you are more than welcome to bid online. In order to keep things easy and well-organized for us, we have decided to work with a live auction platform (AUEX). We can assist you in your signing up process, should you need help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +41-44-215 1090 or via email.

You will find access to the auction catalogues via the SINCONA-Website.