Solidus Numismatik e.K.

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Selected Islamic Coins at Solidus

In the current auction 75, Solidus is presenting 540 selected Islamic coins. The auction will be held as a live auction on the auction platform AUEX on Tuesday, March 23, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. CET. Pre-bids can already be submitted.

Please note that you may now participate at the live auction with a sixbid account via Sixbid!

Lot 14: Abbasids. Temp. al- Mansur. Dinar (gold) 155 H. (Baghdad) without indication of the mint.

The auction focuses on coins of the following dynasties:

  • Abbasids
  • Ayyubids
  • Seljuks of Rum
  • Anatolian Beyliks
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Artukids and Zengids
  • Golden Horde
  • Ilkhanids
Lot 75: Ayyubids – Main line in Cairo. Al-Adil Abu Bakr I. Sayf ad-Din. Dirham (copper) 591 Mayafariqin. Splendid cabinet specimen.

Furthermore there are many interesting single items of other dynasties on offer, like of the Danishmedids and the Aq Qoyunlu.

Lot 174: Ottoman Empire. Orhan Ghazi (724 – 761 H. / 1324 – 1360). Akce without year. Very rare.

Especially plentiful are the offers belonging to the Anatolian Beyliks and the Ottoman Empire.

Lot 416: Ottoman Empire. Abdülmejid. 5 Riyal = 5 Kurush (silver) 1267 H. Tunus. Rare.

You can place your maximum bids before the auction – or during the live auction, during which you can bid on the lots in real time and actively influence the auction process, similar to a floor auction. The live auction starts on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 4 p.m. CET.


The auction is online available on AUEX and Sixbid.

Further information on the auction house is available on the Solidus Numismatik website.