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Meteorite Impacts: Estacado Meteorite

...designed a new silver coin as part of the Meteorite Impacts series. Just like its predecessors, the issue “Estacado Meteorite” contains a part of the meteorite it is named after.... (17 Treffer im Text)

Cook Islands collector coin on Chelyabinsk meteorite

...Chelyabinsk Meteorite 2013 appear along the upper edge, and below, the geographic coordinates of the impact point: 54° 49′ N, 61° 07′ E. Piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Source: Coin... (18 Treffer im Text)

Meteorite Impacts: Erfoud Meteorite NWA 6827

...unusual structure suggests. A small piece of this meteorite – NWA 6827 for experts – has been added to the coin. The breakthrough is reminiscent of a meteorite crater. The... (8 Treffer im Text)

Meteorite Impact – Chergach CIT. A real fragment of this meteorite is embedded in each of the “Chergach Meteorite” coins, designed by CIT for the Cook Islands. Just like the spectacular “Tamdakht Meteorite... (9 Treffer im Text)

Tamdakht Meteorite Strike

...near Tamdakht, Morocco on December 20, 2008. Photo: Meteorite Recon / CC BY 3.0 On December 20, 2008, at 10:37 pm local time, a meteorite hit the earth north of... (9 Treffer im Text)

Meteorite hits coin

November 6, 2014 – To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of its meteorite coins, Coin Invest Trust has come up with something very special. About 15 million years ago, a meteorite... (7 Treffer im Text)

Real Meteorite Lands on Collector Coin

...own) and a blazing meteorite, enhanced by a genuine iron meteorite fragment from the Campo del Cielo meteorite field. “The RSAC is excited to be celebrating our 150th anniversary with... (6 Treffer im Text)

Meteorite particles in Olympic gold medals

by Björn Schöpe September 5, 2013 – When a meteorite went down in Russia earlier in 2013, for the very first time a large number of persons were hurt during... (4 Treffer im Text)

How a Piece of Space Finds Its Way onto a Coin

...coin “The Meteorite NWA 267”, CIT Coin Invest AG did not only begin its “Meteorite Impacts” series, which is still running today, on behalf of Liberia but also opened the... (28 Treffer im Text)

Olympic Medals Are Heavier but Contain Less Gold than a Century Ago’s website. We reported earlier on the medals to contain meteorite particles. And there are also commemorative coins featuring particles of the Chelyabinsk meteorite like this one. Last year Dillon... (3 Treffer im Text)