Robbery in Colombia

Image: mohamed_hassan on Pixabay
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The Fundación Numismáticos Colombianos (Numiscol) informs about a case of robbery in Colombia. A band of robbers assaulted the apartment of Mr. Gregorio Toulemonde and stole his significant and valuable collection of Colombian silver and copper coins, assembled over more than 50 years.

Here is an overview of the stolen coins, a more detailed list is expected to be released soon. The numismatic community is asked to abstain from purchasing any of these coins if they appear somewhere and to instead notify Mr. Toulemonde immediately.

  • 1/2 Real 1760 Nuevo Reino pillar coin (only known example in private hands).
  • 1 Real of 1760 Nuevo Reino pillar coin (extremely rare).
  • 1 Centavo coins: Complete 20th Century collection (all known issues; 66 coins).
  • 2 Centavos coins: Complete 20th Century collection (all known issues, including the extremely rare 1922; 28 coins).
  • ¼ Décimo and ¼ Real pieces: Complete collection of all known issues, including the rare 2-1/2 Centavo Lazareto issue; 130 pieces).
  • ½ Décimoand 5 Centavo coins: all known issues through 1878 (complete collection missing only the two pieces of Medellín of 1870; 188 coins).
  • 1 Décimo, 1 Real and 10 Centavos coins: complete collection 1760 through 1978; 165 pieces.
  • 2 Décimos, 2 Reales and 20 Centavos coins: virtually complete collection 1772 through 1979; 157 pieces.
  • 5 Décimos and 50 Centavos coins: all issues including the half peso of Medellín, 1868 to 1980; 153 coins.
  • Many other rare coins; however the crown-size 1 Peso coins were not stolen.

For more information please contact Mr. Toulemonde via mail or via Whatsapp at +57.302.234.5170.