Friday, 03.12.2021
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Dix Noonan Webb, GB-London

Aureus of Allectus Discovered by Detectorist at Dix Noonan Webb Little did a 30-year-old metal detectorist know when he went out one Friday in March with his brother that he... (4 Treffer im Text)

Seaton Down Hoard on display in Exeter

...around AD 350 and discovered in November 2013 by metal detectorist Laurence Egerton. They are now on permanent display in the Making History gallery at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum... (4 Treffer im Text)

A Bulgarian Finds Ancient Treasure

...promisingly well. As he always does, a couple of weeks ago the unemployed Rossen Todorov was looking for scrap metal with his metal detector nearby Svishtov in northern Bulgaria. But... (4 Treffer im Text)

Dix Noonan Webb

...10am on their website. It was discovered in March 2018 by a 68-year-old retired council worker using a Minelab E-Trac metal detector. After metal detecting for 28 years, the detectorist,... (4 Treffer im Text)

House Search in Munich Coin Dealership

...accomplice Alessandro G. (30). Both were immediately arrested. They led an efficient organization in which everyone knew what they had to do, from excavating sites to searching with metal detectors... (4 Treffer im Text)

Four rarities found

by Chris Rudd February 9, 2012 – Four ancient British coins of the highest rarity have recently been unearthed by metal detectorists, confirming yet again the considerable contribution made by... (3 Treffer im Text)

Israel’s largest gold hoard discovered

...divers of the Israel Antiquities Authority went together with the group of divers out to where the coins were found and using a metal detector discovered almost 2,000 gold coins... (4 Treffer im Text)

Gold Treasure Found Under Theater in Como

...the treasure of Como. Among many others, CNN have reported on this treasure find. CoinsWeekly has reported on a metal detectorist from the Netherlands who found a hoard of 20... (4 Treffer im Text)

FBI-agents as archaeologists

...powered metal detectors had found longish metal objects. The treasure hunters stated it was the treasure that was lost on the way to the battleground at Gettysburg. There are actually... (4 Treffer im Text)

For my Bulgarian friend Dimitar Draganov

...became the most important and comprehensive collection of coins minted in Kabyle. Dimitar Draganov had succeeded in persuading an influential politician to grant him a metal detector for his research.... (4 Treffer im Text)