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Winners of 2017 Coin Constellation Contest announced

...of Queen Elizabeth II) and 24 bottom facets – just like a diamond. In one of the bottom facets, there is an insert of a real diamond. “Tamdakht Meteorite” coin... (3 Treffer im Text)

The Munich Show – The largest fair of Europe for minerals, fossils and precious...

...Bavaria, busts in high relief (obverse) and inscription (reverse), private collection, 1867. Other highlights of this years’ Munich Show include the meteorite of Mauerkirchen, which is the biggest meteorite ever... (3 Treffer im Text)

2021 Coin of the Year Award Nominees

...20 Dollar, Silver, Meteorites: Dinosaur Extinction France, KM-2563, 10 Euro, Silver, Mona Lisa Germany, KM-382, 10 Euro, Copper Nickel, Polymer, Air and Motion Lithuania, KM-250, 10 Euro, Silver, Gender Equality... (1 Treffer im Text)

50 Years Later. The Moon Landing As a Numismatic Event

...of the Moon meteorite “NWA 11047,” which hit the Sahara in spring 2017 – a little greeting from outer space. This absolute tour de force goes to show that any... (1 Treffer im Text)

50 Years of CIT Coin Invest – 50 Years of Coin Innovations

...and materials possible, microminting – nothing was, nothing is impossible. That decade gave birth to legendary series like Meteorite Impacts and Wildlife Protection, of which two out of nine issues... (1 Treffer im Text)

Great is Artemis of the Ephesians

...chest armor, dates, material of a meteorite, magical flames and, last but not least, testicles of bulls. The trickiest part for the die cutter was to depict Artemis’ arms: they... (1 Treffer im Text)

2017 Coin of the Year nominees announced

...Hole Shaped Coin with Magnetic Sphere Cook Islands, KM-1697, 5 Dollars, Silver, Murrine Millefiori Glass Art Coin – Glass Art on Coin Cook Islands, KM-1698, 5 Dollars, Silver, Chondrite Meteorite... (1 Treffer im Text)

Blaze Destroys National Museum of Brazil 500,000 were lost in the fire. Only a few mussels and snails from the mollusk section were carried out of the museum by employees. A meteorite, which had been... (1 Treffer im Text)

14th Coin Constellation 2020: Here Are the Winners

...Invest. Unique concept “Estacado Meteorite” (CIT Coin Invest AG, Liechtenstein), minted by the B. H. Mayer mint (Germany). Image: Bank of Latvia. Best Artistic Solution “Niklāvs Strunke” (Bank of Latvia),... (1 Treffer im Text)