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Naville Numismatics Live Auction 67

Naville Numismatics presents its Live Auction 67. The auction will close on Sunday 1st August 2021, 16.00 UK time, at which time the live session will begin. Absentee bidders can bid electronically through Naville Numismatics website from the day the sale is published online up to the start of the live session. The auction features a selection of 616 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts. The sale includes a selection of coins, including bronzes and fractions, from Magna Graecia, Sicily and Greece, some of them from the E.E. Clain-Stefanelli collection sold in association with Stacks Bowers Galleries.

To minimize the disruption caused by Brexit, Naville Numismatics has recently opened the NAC new office in Brussels. From now on, the auction house kindly asks all European Clients who prefer to receive their auction purchases directly from within Europe, to inform the company, when registering for the sale, that they would like to place their bids through NAC Europe Srl. This company will represent any registered clients by proxy at Naville’s auctions, without applying any additional charges other than shipping costs (within Europe), and the Belgian Import VAT from outside EU, which is set at 6%.

Lot 14: Greek. Bruttium, Caulonia. Nomos, c. 525-500 BC. Attractive old cabinet tone, well centred and struck, Extremely Fine. Starting Price: £600.

This first section of the sale starts with an attractive series of rare and beautiful coins such as Hatria, Cales, Tarentum, Heraclea, Metapontum, Caulonia, Gela, Syracuse and Athens, even beyond a series of coins from the BCD duplicates, a selection of Hellenistic coins and a very interesting collection of few specimens from Judaea.

Noteworthy in this section are a beautiful nomos from Caulonia, a very rare drachm of Gortyna (Ex Maison Palombo sale 7, 2009, 106), a beautiful shekel of the Jewish war and a well-preserved tetradrachm of Bar Kokbha revolt.

Lot 296: Roman Republic. Bellum Sociale. Denarius, c. 89 BC. Rare and in exceptional condition for the issue, nicely toned and Good Extremely Fine. Starting Price: £1,000.

The Roman selection boasts an interesting series of Roman Republican bronzes and a striking array of denarii. This includes a good quadrigatus with the dot, a rare denarius of L. Iteius, a well-preserved denarius of T. Didius, a beautiful denarius of the Bellum Sociale, a good denarius of P. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther and an interesting cistophoric tetradrachm of C. Fabius M.f. Pro.cos (Ex NAC sale 52, 2009, 832). In this part, there is also an interesting selection of Republican portraits such as Pompeius Magnus, Octavian and Marcus Antonius.

Lot 360: Roman Imperial. Nero (54-68). Sestertius, c. 63, Rome mint. Very rare. Lovely green patina and Good Very Fine. Starting Price: £200.

The Imperial selection of the sale features an attractive series of Augustus and an attractive selection of Roman bronzes and denarii such as a dupondius in name of Livia, a rare bronze of Tiberius, a beautiful sestertius of Nero, an interesting sestertius of Vespasian, a rare sestertius of Nerva, an extremely rare sestertius of Trajan, a well struck sestertius of Hadrian, a good sestertius of Faustina II from the Signorelli collection, an interesting sestertius of Commodus, a beautiful antoninianus of Magna Urbica, a follis of Maximianus Herculius from the Sydenham collection and a beautiful argenteus of Constantius I caesar (Ex Tkalec sale 2013, 193) even beyond an interesting selection of Denari, Antoniniani, Sesterti, Dupondi, Asses and Folles.

Lot 414: Roman Imperial. Marcus Aurelius (161-180). Aureus, February-December 168, Rome mint. In contemporary gold pendant. Extremely fine. Starting Price: £2,500.

Very remarkable in this part are a very beautiful aureus of Marcus Aurelius in a contemporary gold pendant and a rare medallion of Commodus (Ex Lanz sale 28, 1984, 576). The Roman Provincial part of the sale includes a selection from the Dattari Collection.


All lots of the sale can be viewed online.

Naville Numismatics Ltd’s partnership with NAC guarantees highly professional numismatic service and certifies an unlimited warranty of authenticity for the lots it sells. If you have not already done so, please register as a member on Naville Numismatics website. During the Live session you can see current lots and bid in real time, making it an easy and fast way to participate in the auction.

Should you have any questions, please call Naville Numismatics at +442033028770 or send an email.