From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins

An expedition through Italy with coins: this is how you will learn about the story of the modern Italian state from the Risorgimento to Berlusconi’s government. Photo: Openpics on Pixabay; coin images: MoneyMuseum.
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Bella Italia is calling! We tell the story of the nation state of Italy by means of coins. This series takes you through Italy’s eventful transformation from a geographical concept with dozens of currencies to a Euro country.


Part 1: The Risorgimento

In the middle of the 19th century, Italy was made up of numerous small states that had their own currencies. However, the Count of Cavour came along and united the country by means of diplomatic skill and passion. [ more ]

Part 2: The Italian Unification

In 1860, Italy was gripped by national fever: Giuseppe Garibaldi “liberated” the south and Victor Emmanuel II became king of all Italy – well, almost. The first thing the new kingdom got was a uniform currency with really nice coins. [ more ]

Part 3: The Battle for Rome

The new state of Italy is growing together, however, the “heart” of the country – Rome – is controlled by the Pope. When France withdraws its protective hand from the Holy See, the patriots are already in the starting blocks to storm the Eternal City. [ more ]