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Tag: Italy (Modern Period)

550 Years After Italy’s First Lira: Restriking Lira Tron

Italy’s first lira coin was Venice’s lira Tron. In a special ceremony in Venice lira Tron coins will be reminted with a historical coin press. This event is organized by the Italian organization “Celebrazioni della lira italiana”.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 9: Forza Italia

Italy’s governments tend to survive for rather short amounts of time. The political system had been surprisingly solid – until it collapsed completely due to a corruption scandal. A man who was to guide Italy into the eurozone made use of this situation in 1994: Silvio Berlusconi.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 7: The Church and...

In 1929, the Vatican and Italy signed the Lateran Treaty. This international agreement was the ultimate accolade for Mussolini. The Duce dreamed of an Italian empire in Africa and around the Mediterranean Sea. However, this dream turned into a nightmare.

San Marino’s New Museum for Coins and More

San Marino – a small republic on a mountain in Italy. The rich cultural heritage of the microstate is now beautifully illustrated by coins and stamps in a newly opened museum curated by the renowned numismatist Roberto Ganganelli.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins

Bella Italia is calling! We tell the story of the nation state of Italy by means of coins. This series takes you through Italy’s eventful transformation from a geographical concept with dozens of currencies to a Euro country.
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