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Fleur de Coin and Extremely Rare: Tauler & Fau’s Selection Auction 70

Tauler & Fau’s Selection Auction 70 features 329 lots and closes on Tuesday, 24th November 2020, beginning at 04:00 p.m. (CET), exclusively online.

Lot 27.

This sale features an important selection of numismatic rarities of Ancient, Spanish and World coins. You will find, under the Greek coins, a gorgeous fully lustrous stater of Zeugitania in high relief from fine style dies and a wonderful gold octodrachm of Arsione II, Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt.

The Roman coins feature a really good selection. Highlights are a Fleur de Coin reduced aureus of Gallienus that is unpublished and unique, a very rare Caligula and Agrippina Aureus, strucked very well-centered, and a magnificent selection of republican and imperial denarii. In the category of Spanish coins, we can highlight a really good selection of Medieval coins of La Coruña, Spain with unique and extremely rare specimens.

In Spanish Monarchy, you will find an extremely rare “Dog Face” type 8 escudos of Ferdinand VI of Mexico Mint in excellent condition, slabbed by NGC as AU 53. Finally the auction closes with a really good variety of 4 reales, 8 reales, 4 escudos and 8 escudos of peninsular and colonial mintmarks. This sale includes more than 300 detailed pictures and videos of the most selected lots that you can enjoy on Tauler & Fau’s website.

Some Highlights from This Auction:

  • Lot 22: Thessaly, Larissa. Stater, 356-342 BC. Struck from dies of lovely style. Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 106 (9 May 2018), lot 1190. Almost uncirculated. Starting Price: 3,000 EUR.
  • Lot 27: Zeugitania, Carthage. Stater, 350-320 BC. A tremendous example boasting crisp strike details in high relief from fine style dies, fully lustrous. Virtually as struck. Ex Chrysos Collection, adquired in Geneve in 1980. Starting Price: 7,000 EUR.
  • Lot 29: Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Arsione II. Octodrachm, 253-246 BC, Alexandria mint. Struck under Ptolemy II. Wonderful specimen. Very rare. Extremely fine. Starting Price: 7,000 EUR.
Lot 85.
  • Lot 85: Augustus. Denarius, 21-20 BC. Samos mint. Beautiful color and appearance. Fine style. Almost uncirculated. Starting Price: 1,500 EUR.
  • Lot 91: Caligula and Agrippina. Aureus, 40, Lugdunum mint. Very well-centered struck. Very rare. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 10,000 EUR.
Lot 121.
  • Lot 121: Gallienus. Reduced Aureus, 259, Rome mint. Apparently unique and unpublished. Attractive specimen. Mint State. Starting Price: 6,000 EUR.
  • Lot 122: Diocletian. Aureus, 294, Nicomedia mint. Rarely encountered this well struck, and truly excepcional. Almost uncirculated. Starting Price: 6,500 EUR.
  • Lot 159: Kingdom of Castille and Leon. Enrique IV (1454-1474). Real de busto, Coruña mint. The only specimen known. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 10,000 EUR.
  • Lot 195: Philip IV (1621-1665).8 reales, 1664, Santa Fe mint. De Nuevo Reino. Good specimen for this mint. Very rare. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 2,000 EUR.
Lot 233.
  • Lot 233: Ferdinand VI (1746-1759). 8 escudos, 1747, México mint. Minor adjustment marks. Beautiful. Of the highest rarity. Slabbed by NGC as AU 53. Starting Price: 12,000 EUR.


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