Concordia Disciplinarum – Festschrift in Honor of William E. Metcalf

Nathan T. Elkins, Jane DeRose Evans (edd.), Concordia Disciplinarum. Essays on Ancient Coinage, History, and Archaeology in Honor of William E. Metcalf. Numismatic Studies 38. 283 pages, b/w images, color frontispiece. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0-89722-357-7. $75 plus shipping & handling. (Member price: $52.50 plus shipping & handling.).
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The American Numismatic Society honoured Dr. William E. Metcalf, former Chief Curator, with the presentation of a Festschrift published in his honor, Concordia Disciplinarum. The volume was edited by Jane Evans and Nathan Elkins, with contributions by many of Metcalf’s students. The book opens with the bibliography of William E. Metcalf. These are the titles of the contributions:

  • Scythian-Greek Relations in the North and Northwestern Black Sea Area (6th–5th centuries BC): Numismatic Evidence, by Elena Stolyarik
  • The Process of Monetization from Athens to Egypt: Evidence and Models, by Andrew Hogan
  • The Thrace (?) ca. 1955 Hoard (IGCH 738), by Peter van Alfen
  • Numismatic Evidence for Compound Numbers Written in Greek Alphabetic Numerals, by Paul Keyser
  • The Asia Minor 1949 Hoard (IGCH 1450) at the American Numismatic Society, by Constantin A. Marinescu
  • Seeing Caesar’s Symbols: Religious Implements on the Coins of Julius Caesar and his Successors, by Roberta Stewart
  • A New Revival of an Old Coin Type: Sardis in the Augustan Era, by Jane DeRose Evans
  • Earthquakes in Asia Minor, the cura provinciae of Tiberius and the Cities, by Bernhard Weisser
  • A Neronian Overstrike at the Harvard Art Museums, by Carmen Arnold-Biucchi and Rebecca A. Katz
  • The Flavian Colosseum Sestertii and Imperial Praise, by Nathan T. Elkins
  • The Forum of Domitian on his Coins, by Ben Lee Damsky
  • Roma at Corinth: The Coins and the Monument, by Mary Hoskins Walbank
  • Le monnayage émis à Silandos de Lydie sous Septime Sévère, by Michel Amandry
  • The Coinage of Septimius Severus and the Battle of Lugdunum, by Gary Reger
  • Imperial Representation and Distributional Politics under Severus Alexander, by Carlos F. Noreña
  • Quantifying the Size of a Coinage: Die Studies or Coin Finds, by Roger Bland
  • An Aureus of Allectus with a Remarkable Pedigree, by Andrew Burnett
  • Interaction with Coins in the Liberalitas Relief on the Arch of Constantine, by Martin Beckmann
  • A Double-Obverse Bronze of the Constantinian Period from the Antioch Excavations, by Alan M. Stahl and Rafail Zoulis
  • The Ascension of Julian: Ammianus Marcellinus 20.4, by Sarah E. Cox


Some impressions of the presentation:

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