Classical Numismatic Group, GB-London

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CNG’s Third Islamic Auction

Classical Numismatic Group presents their Islamic Auction 3, a Live Sale to be held at the Bloomsbury Hotel, London, on 27th April 2023 beginning at 1:00 PM BST. This sale offers 270 lots with a pre-sale estimate of over $500,000. CNG’s third dedicated Islamic coin sale is highlighted by a number of rarities, including:

  • An Arab-Sasanian drachm with the legend: “For the God of Moses”
  • A unique drachm of the governor Numayla b. Malik
  • Two rare Umayyad dinars from Ifriqiya
  • Umayyad dirhams from the Caucasian mints of Barda‘a, Janza, Dabil and al-Niq/Albanaq
  • Two gold dinars bearing the name and title of Harun al-Rashid
  • An ‘Abbasid dinar from the mint of Jannaba
  • A unique ‘Abbasid donative dirham from the mint of Amid
  • Rare and unpublished Fatimid coins, incluing a unique dinar from Tabariya
  • A magnificent Buwayhid silver medallion
  • Five coins bearing the name of Genghis Khan
  • A gold Mughal mohur of Nur Jahan

Here are some of the highlights from the sale:

Catalogs for Islamic Auction 3 will be mailed shortly and bidding is now open on the website. Click here to view all lots and place bids.

For further information about Classical Numismatic Group, visit their website.