Classical Numismatic Group

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CNG’s Classical Numismatic Review Summer 2019

Once again Classical Numismatic Group has published their Classical Numismatic Review Summer to present a choice of coins and medals available in their online shop. This issue includes some outstanding examples of ancient and British coinage.

These are some of the highlights:

494917: Bruttium. Kaulonia. Nomos, circa 525-500 BC. In NGC encapsulation 4284630-001, graded Ch AU*, Strike: 5/5 – Surface: 5/5, Fine Style. Excellent metal. Fine style. From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Frank Sherman Benson Collection (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 3 February 1909), lot 99. $39,500.
494992: Sicily. Syracuse. Dionysios I, 405-367 BC. Dekadrachm, circa 405-400 BC. Dies signed by Kimon. In NGC encapsulation 4284633-001, graded Choice XF, Strike: 4/5, Surface: 4/5, Fine Style. Excellent metal. $200,000.
515220: Anglo-Saxon. Kings of All England. Cnut, 1016-1035. Penny, Quatrefoil type, “Gothaburh” mint (Karli, moneyer), circa 1016-1023. EF. Mostly as struck. $5,750.
515566: Plantagenet. Edward III, 1327-1377. Guyennois d’or, third type, after 1362, La Rochelle mint. Good VF. Even, round flan. Rare. $14,500.


You can browse online through the CNR Summer 2019.

Or, if you prefer, you also might download the CNR Summer 2019 as PDF.

All coins are available in the CNG online shop.