Classical Numismatic Group

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CNG to Offer David Hendin Collection

Classical Numismatic Group offers its Keystone Auction 9 featuring coins and scale weights from the David Hendin Collection. The auction will close on Wednesday, 18th January 2023 beginning at 10:00 AM ET. The important group of 335 lots will benefit the American Numismatic Society. The entire proceeds of this auction will go directly to the ANS’s fund to eventually relocate from its current New York City headquarters.

David Hendin commented the sale of his collection:

“Dear Friends,

I started paying attention to coins when I was about 8 years old and my collector-dad tasked me with daily searching of the family’s change for good dates and mint marks. Back in the early 1950s we still found an occasional Indian Head cent!

As a volunteer in Israel for the year immediately after the Six Day War in 1967, I drove my Vespa to Jerusalem one weekend to seek a few coins as a gift for my dad. I did buy him some ancient coins, but in the process got hooked myself. I met dealers, archaeologists, and collectors. Today, 56 years later, I am still in touch with some of their children and grandchildren.

Around 15 years ago I sold my first collection of ancient Judean/Biblical coins. Also, over the decades I have donated various collections (coins, weights, forgeries, holy objects) both to the Israel Museum and the American Numismatic Society.

I had not intended to sell this group of coins and weights: I have bought some of these coins since I sold my first collection. Others have been with me for five decades.

The reason I decided to sell this collection is to make a small contribution to a big effort – the relocation of the American Numismatic Society headquarters to a new location which will improve accessibility to and use of the ANS’s incredible research resources.

My friend and ANS Chairman Michael Beall purchased a portion of my original collection some years ago, and he has generously added a number of the coins from my original collection to this auction. Thanks to Mike Gasvoda and my other friends at CNG, 100% of the hammer price of each and every lot in this auction will be paid to me (or Mike Beall) and we, in turn, will donate 100% of that amount to the American Numismatic Society.

The Coins

Each of the coins offered here was selected by me from nearly a million coins from this area of the world that I have examined over the years. These are the coins I kept for research and study. Each coin was interesting to me because of the strike, the style, or the coin itself. Quite a number of the coins being sold here are plate coins in the current sixth edition of my “Guide to Biblical Coins”.

I hope that the collectors who buy coins and weights from this collection will enjoy owning them as much as I have.

David Hendin“

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