Classical Numismatic Group

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Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 455

CNG’s Electronic Auction 455 features 766 lots and closes on Wednesday, 30 October 2019. beginning at 10 AM ET.

Lot 10: Lucania, Metapontion. Nomos, circa 290-280 BC. Good VF. Extremely rare issue, only one cited by Johnston, from a private collection; the present coin is the only example in CoinArchives. From the J.B. Collection. Estimate: $200.

With this sale, CNG presents offerings of coins from two major collections: the J.B. Collection …

36: Thrace, Abdera. Tetrobol, circa 395-360 BC. Toned, die breaks and scratches on obverse. Near EF. From the Jack A. Frazer Collection. Estimate: $200.

… and the Jack A. Frazer Collection. Both collected with a keen eye toward quality and rarity, as reflected by the selection offered here. Look for further offerings from the Frazer Collection in Triton and other venues.

Lot 281: Domitian, as Caesar, AD 69-81. Denarius, AD 80-81 (struck under Titus), Rome mint. EF. Estimate: $500.

Collectors will find Greek and Roman coins as well as coins from the Byzantine Empire and modern World coins, too.

Lot 538: Ancient Near East. Judaea. First Temple Period. 8th-7th centuries BC. Jasper Scaraboid Seal Stone (17x14mm, 4.91 g, 6h). Hoopoe left; flower below; “for Akhbor” in Paleo-Hebrew above; all within linear border / “l’kbr’/br nqma”l in Paleo-Hebrew in two lines divided by a double linear border; all within linear border. Intact. An attractive specimen. Estimate: $5,000.

This sale also presents a number of antiquities. Groups of ancient near Eastern seals, Greek ceramics, and Roman glass are of particular interest. A particularly attractive Egyptian shabti is also available.


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