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Chosen Rarities at Solidus

In the current auction 76, Solidus is presenting 700 selected coins from antiquity to modern times, including some extraordinary rarities and examples of outstanding quality. The auction will be held as live auction on the auction platform AUEX on Tuesday, 6th April 2021 from 4:00 PM CEST. Pre-bids can already be submitted. Customers with a Sixbid account can also participate in the auction live via Sixbid.

Lot 1167: Ptolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemaios IV. Philopator. Tetradrachm, after 217 BC, Alexandria. Starting Price: 3,000 EUR.

The auction begins with coinage of the Western and Eastern Celts, followed by contemporary imitations of Greek coins. There is a broad range of items from ancient Greece, e. g. from Magna Graecia, Thrace, Macedonia, the Greek motherland and Asia Minor. Tetradrachms of Ptolemaios IV. Philopator with an impressive double portrait (Lot 1167) and of Attalus I with an excellent, expressive portrait of the sovereign Philetairos (Lot 1122) deserve special attention.

Lot 1391: Byzantine Empire. Michael IV. (1034 – 1041). Histamenon, Constantinopolis. Starting Price: 1,500 EUR.

A variety of provincial Roman Bronzes and Tetradrachms lead on to coins of the Roman world: Denarii of the Republic and the Civil war, Denarii and Bronzes from the Imperial period as well as a selection of beautiful Late Antique Bronzes. Among the early imperial Denarii there are coins of excellent quality by Augustus (Lots 1235, 1236), Nero (Lot 1240) and Otho (Lot 1241). A representative selection of Byzantine coins made of bronze and gold completes the section with ancient coins. Noteworthy are an extremely rare Solidus of Marcianus from Thessalonica (Lot 1375) and a Histamenon of Michael IV (Lot 1391).

Lot 1439: Duchy of Bavaria. Heinrich IV. (995-1002). Denar. Regensburg. Starting Price: 250 EUR.

There is a considerable series of partly rare and high-quality coins from the Middle Ages. The broad spectrum includes coins from north-western Europe, Germany, Austria and Italy as well as coins from south-eastern Europe (Serbia, Principalities of Wallachia and Moldova) to coins of the Crusaders from Greece and the Levant. Two particularly beautiful pieces should be noted: a Denarius of Duke Heinrich IV (995-1002) from Regensburg (Lot 1439) and another Denarius of Wilhelm de Ponte (1054-1076) from the diocese of Utrecht (Lot 1522).

Lot 1618: Habsburg. Rudolf II (1576 – 1612). Thaler 1602. Nagybanya. Starting Price: 1,400 EUR.

Modern coins are from Germany and the territories ruled by the Habsburgs. A Thaler from 1602 of Rudolf II from Nagybanya (Lot 1618) is rather impressive. Other European countries are represented with coins from the 17th to 20th centuries. From Poland there is a beautiful series of Dreigröscher, from Romania some extraordinary, rare or beautiful coins, including 250 Lei from 1940 with the “triple cross” of the Garda de Fier, a rarity of the highest order (Lot 1667). Some medals with beautiful motifs and coins from North America complete the auction.

You can submit your bids before the auction – or during the live auction, where you can bid on the lots in real time, similar to a floor auction, and thus actively influence the auction process. The live auction starts Tuesday, 6th April 2021, at 4:00 PM CEST.


You can access the auction via the platform AUEX or Sixbid.

Here you can find the website of Solidus Numismatik.