Saturday, 25.09.2021
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Künker Auction 353: How Frederick II Financed the Seven Years’ War

Künker offers the second part of the Axel Tesmer Collection in auction 353. It contains issues of the Prussian kings. This film tells you by means of the offered coins and medals how Frederick II financed his Seven Years’ War.

Naville Numismatics

Naville Numismatics features in their new Live Auction 68 a selection of 608 lots of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts. The sale includes coins from the E.E. Clain-Stefanelli and the Dattari collections.

Classical Numismatic Group

CNG’s Feature Auction 118 was highlighted by coins from important collections as the Archytus Collection of ancient coinage from the Indian subcontinent, and the collection of Dr. Jay Galst with ancient Judaean and related coinages. The auction more than doubled its pre-sale estimate.

Nomos AG

In Obolos 20 Nomos AG offers almost 500 lots from the well-known Vineyard Collection focussing on ancient coins with types that have references to wine. Collectors will find many rare and unusual coins with solid pedigrees. Alan Walker presents some of the highlights.

Mowbray Collectables, NZ-Wellington

Mowbray Collectables in Wellington, New Zealand, offers 590 lots with major New Zealand rarities as one of about three Colonial Bank 1 Pound banknotes of 1891. The sale also includes many English coins from William I onwards, and gold coins.

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio

Stack’s Bowers upcoming fall Hong Kong sale features over 8,000 lots of coins, medals, tokens, currency, and other forms of exonumia. It is the firm’s largest Hong Kong sale to date and the overall estimate is expected to surpass $17 million.

Solidus Numismatik e.K.

The 85th Solidus auction presents over 650 Greek coins from the collection of Professor Franke, author of numerous academic publications on ancient numismatics and the opulently illustrated “Die griechische Münze” with photographs by Hirmer. A truly scholarly collection.

The NumisPlace

The NumisPlace – marketplace for high-quality coins & medals – offers regularly special releases where all dealers upload a choice of coins at the same time. View a selection of their latest release.

Heritage Auctions, USA-Dallas

Heritage Auctions’ ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction did not take place in Chicago but at the company’s premises. The result is more than impressive: the sale achieved a total result of over $68 million and US coins saw a perfect sell-through rate of 100%, including a 1861 Paquet Double Eagle sold for $7.2 million.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries

With a total of $50m, the ANA sale of Stack’s Bowers Galleries realised the highest result in the company’s history. One piece contributed significantly to this success: a 1804 dollar from the Muscat, Watters, Brand, Childs and Pogue Collections.

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