Bermanian Guild of Numismatists Fights Covid Boredom

Allen G. Berman, Please Ignore Our Time Machine. Exciting Tales of Da Vinci, Pastrami, Time Travel, and Howard Hughes. Independently publish, 2020. 319 p. Paperback. ISBN: 979-8612818441. US$ 13.95 (paperback), US$ 6.01 (ebook).
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Many readers have heard of the jovial Bermanian Guild of Numismatists over the years. Led by King Alanus of Bermania (aka Numismatist Allen G. Berman), this organization has been meeting to hear humorous short stories at the New York International Numismatic Convention and other major events since the 1990s. Unfortunately, auction schedules have prevented many from attending at times. Finally, the Royal Bermanian Printing Office, in collaboration with Amazon, has enabled all who need a laugh to enjoy these stories on their own schedule.

Author Allen G. Berman in his role as King Alanus I of Bermania.

“Please Ignore Our Time Machine: Exciting Tales of Da Vinci, Pastrami, Time Travel, and Howard Hughes” is set in a quaint little Eastern European kingdom, filled with nice but idiosyncratic people and peppered with dragons and cynical, talking horses. The story traces the escapades of the Bermanian people as they creatively navigate the globe and the centuries. It also gives the origins of some important Bermanian coin issues, such as the Royal Bermanian Tickle Token.

According to Red Book editor emeritus and former ANA President Kenneth Bressett, “I surely do find it fascinating. It warms my heart to know there are still people in this world that think the way he does, and can share their enthusiasm with others. His sense of humor, knowledge of all things historical, fictional, and utopian is astounding. … It will take a prominent place in the ‘treasured’ section of my library.”

Observing the current situation, where most people around the globe are forced to stay at home and are spending more time pursuing indoor activities, Bressett commented, “I truly enjoyed the book and I am sure that others will too. It is a great remedy for these weeks of confinement and isolation. Even those not of Bermanian persuasion will find it a most intriguing adventure through time.”


The book is available both in soft cover and Kindle versions. The soft cover, autographed, is available directly from Allen G. Berman (POB 605, Fairfield, CT 06824; for $15 plus $4 postage. However King Alanus has authorized to provide the book at a discounted price of $13.95.

The eBook is available exclusively through ($5.95) as His Majesty does not know how to use an eBook.

Other Bermanian products and information on the kingdom in general, are available at the Royal Bermanian Website.

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