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Austria’s Taler and Gold at Via Numismatics

In the fifth e-Live auction, you can look forward to more than 800 lots from all price ranges from antiques coins to modern coinage. The focus of the auction is on German and Austrian coins. Live bidding begins on Friday, 2nd July 2021 at 4 PM via the AUEX platform.

Lot 1: Celts, Noricum, Ostnoriker – Taurisker. Tetradrachm. Frontal-face-type. Dembski 885. Very fine+. Starting Price: 2,500 EUR.

The offer of ancient coins starts with a very fine Celtic tetradrachm of the Tauriskans of the frontal-face-type (lot 1). Further coins from the Noricum (lot 2-6) and the Celts in the east (lot 7-10) are followed by a small number of excellent tetradrachms from Athens (lot 12-16) and magnificent staters from the Persian satraps from Ciliciae (lot 17-20). The Roman Imperial Era is mainly represented by many interesting fractions and lots. Particularly noteworthy are some good coins from the Flavians (lot 33-42), a nice denarius from Lucilla, RIC: 792 (lot 69), and an almost extremely fine Antoninian from Pupienus, RIC: 9b (lot 92). The empire of Trebizond is represented by an attractive silver-Asper from Alexios II. Comnenus (lot 192).

Lot: 327: Netherlands, Diocese of Utrecht. Wilhelm (1054-1076) with King Heinrich III., undated denarius, Dannenberg 546. Ilisch 18.10. Very rare! Rare condition! Extremely fine specimen! Starting Price: 200 EUR.

The area of the Middle Ages is of course also represented in this auction. In addition to a few coins from Sicily (lot 287-291), some pieces of German Middle Ages, including denarii from Jever (lot 198) and Emden (lot 199), pfennige from the dioceses of Regensburg (lot 201), Augsburg (lot 202) and Bamberg (lot 207), and from Leuchtenberg and Hals (lot 203), as well as Dutch coins from Utrecht (lot 326-327), Friesland (lot 328), Deventer (lot 329) and Groningen (lot 330), will also be auctioned, as well as some Austrian, especially Grazer (lot 487-494), Salzburger (lot 495-496) and Friesacher pfennige (lot 497-501ff).

Lot 335: Philippines, under Spanish. 8 Reales, n.d. (after 1832), countermark on Peru, 8 Reales 1831, Cuzco. (KM 142.4) KM 84. Very rare! Very fine- / very fine. Starting Price: 400 EUR.

Of the offered coins from all over the world, only the excellent thalers from Prussia from 1794 (lot 218) and Mansfeld-Eisleben (lot 227), the rare 10 kreuzer from Hohenlohe-Neuenstein (lot 225) and the wonderful 1/12 thaler piece from Stolberg (Lot 247), the rare Italian Luiginos from Arquata (Lot 275), Fosdinovo (278), Loano (Lot 281 and 284) and Torriglia (Lot 296-297), the Philippine coins in top qualities (Lot 339-346 ) and the counterstamped coins (lots 335-338) as well as a number of Russian 5 kopeks (lots 366-392 and 394-397) shall be mentioned here. As a little specialty, a rare Srebrennik from the Grand Duchy of Kiev by Vladimir I (lot 365) is offered.

Lot 788: Austrian Empire, Franz Joseph (1848-1916). 100 kronen, 1910, Vienna. Fr 507. Herinek 319. J. 388. Rare! Extremely fine / extremely fine+. Starting Price: 6,000 EUR.

Among the coins from the Roman German Empire a small batch of 15 Kreuzer from Leopold I (lot 522ff), various thalers from Ferdinand I (lot 509-510), Archduke Maximilian (lot 512), Leopold I (lot 562- 563), Josef I. (Lot 564, 566 and 567), Karl VI. (Lot 568, 570, 572-573), Maria Theresia (Lot 580, 582-583 and 588) Josef II. (Lot 593-594 and 600), Leopold II. (Lot 602-603) and Franz II ( Lot 606-607, 609, 614-615), as well as the excellent Kipper-12 Kreuzer of the Bohemian and Moravian Estates (lot 517) are particularly worth mentioning.

In addition to a number of thalers (lot 624ff) from the Austrian Empire, a larger batch of gold coins from Franz Joseph is on offer, including 20 kronen 1900 (lot 755), 1901 (lot 759) and 1909 (lot 780), as well as various 4 ducats ( Lot 658, 681, 706, 720, 730, 750, 757, 760, 765, 769, 772, 774, 777, 785, 792, 795). The better pieces here are certainly the 100 kronen from 1908 (lot 776), 1909 (lot 781), 1910 (lot 788) and 1913 (lot 797), as well as the double-gulden from 1877 (lot 680) and the Schemnitz mining gulden from 1878 (Lot 685). Of course, Islamic coins, world coins, coins from the Austrian ecclesiastic principalities and medals will again be represented in the auction.


Live bidding will begin on Friday, 2nd July 2021 at 4 PM. You can access the auction via the AUEX platform. The auction is also available on SIXBID and NUMISBIDS. Visit the VIA Numismatics website to download the PDF catalog of this auction. Viewing is possible in the office of Via Numismatik in 1010 Vienna, Habsburgergasse 6-8, Top 17, 3rd floor after prior tel. appointments