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Ancient and Spanish Rarities at Tauler & Fau

Tauler & Fau’s 77th Auction features 391 lots and closes on Tuesday, 9th March 2021, beginning at 04:00 PM CET.

The sale comprises an important selection of numismatic rarities of ancient, Spanish, world coins and banknotes. You will find, under the Greek coins, a rare tetradrachm minted in Persepolis under the kings of Persia, and a very rare stater of Mysia with a forepart of Sphinx represented on obverse.

Lot 97.

The Roman coins feature a really good selection. Highlights are a spectacular aureus of Antoninus Pius, the second specimen known, an extremely rare and unusually fine condition denarius of Sextus Pompey minted in Hispania, that was only five other examples auctioned in the past 20 years. Also, you will find a magnificent selection of Roman Republican, Imperatorial and Imperial.

In the category of medieval coins, we can highlight a magnificent selection of unique and extremely rare specimens of different mints and values. In Spanish Monarchy, you will find an extremely rare 4 escudos gold cob of Philip IV minted in Madrid, with full date and rectified assayer, only another specimen known. Also, you will find a 4 reales 1607 of Philip III minted in Segovia, a specimen of the highest rarity, that we cannot find another example auctioned in the last 20 years and it’s missing from the most important collections of Spanish Coins. This category closes with a really good variety of 1, 2, 4 and 8 reales of peninsular and colonial mint marks.

The World Coins category is highlighted by a good selection of 2 Thaler of Germany and Austria, a two extremely rare 5 pesos of Mexico, 1882 Culiacán assayer “D”, and 1881/0 Mexico mint.

Some further highlights from this Auction:

  • Lot 97: Antoninus Pius. Aureus, 140-143 AD, Rome mint. Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P P TR P COS III. Laureate bust left. Revers: IOVI STATORI. Jupiter standing facing with scepter and beam of rays. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 105 (2017), lot 901. Possibly the second specimen known. Of the highest rarity. Extremely fine. Starting Price: 4,500 EUR.
Lot 98.
  • Lot 98: Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. Aureus, 140 AD, Rome mint. Issue with M. Aurelius as Caesar. Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III. Draped cuirassed bust of Antoninus right. Revers: AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG P II F COS. Draped cuirassed bust of Marcus Aurelius right. Minor scratch on obverse. Perfectly centered struck. Beautiful specimen. Of the highest rarity. Almost Extremely fine / Extremely fine. Starting Price: 5,000 EUR.
Lot 367.
  • Lot 367: Mexico. 5 pesos, 1882, Culiacan mint. Of the highest rarity and among the most fabled dates in the entire Cap & Scales 5 Pesos series with its existence being but a rumor to most of the well-connected specialists in the field of Mexican numismatics. Adding to the intrigue, this is the only known 5 Pesos date with the “D” assayer initial; a curiosity that resulted from no known coins existing in the years that immediately precede or follow 1882. Slabbed by NGC as MS64. Only 3 specimens auctioned in the last 20 years. Mintage: 174. Starting Price: 6,000 EUR.
  • Lot 94: Vespasian. Aureus, 69-70 AD, Rome. Obvers: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head of Vespasian right. Revers: COS ITER TR POT, Pax seated left, holding branch and caduceus. Struck in high relief on a full flan and a superb portrait. Some scratches on reverse. Virtually as struck and almost FDC. Uncirculated / Almost Uncirculated. Starting Price: 5,000 EUR.
Lot 215.
  • Lot 215: Philip IV (1621-1665). 4 escudos, 1646, Madrid mint. Rectified assayer. Full date. Only other specimen known. Extremely rare. Almost extremely fine. Starting Price: 4,000 EUR.
  • Lot 15: Kings of Persia. Vahbarz (Orbozos). Tetradrachm, 200-150 BC, Persepolis mint. Obvers: Diademed head of Vahbarz to right, with luxuriant mustache and jutting beard; wearing kyrbasia or satrapal hat, with flap down to form a visor, and pendant earring. Revers: Fire Temple; to left, Vahbarz standing right in attitude of prayer; to right, standard. Rare. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 3,000 EUR.
  • Lot 78: Sextus Pompey. Sexergue Pompeius Magnus. Denarius, 45-44 BC, Hispania mint. Obvers: SEX. MAGNVS SAL. IMP. head of Pompey Ieft. Revers: PIETAS behind Pietas standing left, holding palm-branch in right hand and sceptre in left hand. Extremely rare and in unusually fine condition for this difficult issue. Only five other examples offered in the past 20 years. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 1,500 EUR.
  • Lot 355: Austria. Ferdinand III. 2 thaler, 1641/39, Graz mint. Clear rectification of date. Very rare. Choice very fine. Starting Price: 1,200 EUR.


The sale includes more than 450 special pictures and 100 videos of the most selected lots. You will find them in the online catalogue at the Tauler & Fau website.