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Singapore Mint Launches the 2022 Macau Lunar Tiger Coins

The Singapore Mint continues its Macau Lunar Coin Series. The third issue is dedicated to the lunar year 2022, the year of the tiger. The lavish design features colour elements, and Swarovski crystals.

Singapore Mint Launches New Macau Lunar Coin Series

The Singapore Mint launched a new Lunar Coin Series on behalf of Macau that will cover a period of 12 years. The Mint has revealed the first two issues: 2020’s Year of the Rat and 2021’s Year of the Ox commemorative coins.

A Center of Technology in Asia: The Singapore Mint

Orders from 20 countries, a cornucopia of technologies developed in-house, innovative concepts in the field of circulation coin logistics and the sales distribution of collectors’ coins – these are only a few of the terms you can use to describe The Singapore Mint. Ursula Kampmann has visited it.

The Singapore Mint ushers in 2017 Year of the Rooster

On behalf of Bhutan and Macau, The Singapore Mint has released the Lunar Rooster Coins for 2017. Featuring the almanac animal and scenic attractions of the relevant country, the coins impress with their ultra-high relief.

Singapore Mint presents inaugural issue of the Bhutan Lunar and Attraction Series

On behalf of the Kingdom of Bhutan, The Singapore Mint produces the inaugural Blessings of Happiness Lunar Coin Collection. The Bhutan Lunar Monkey coin coincides with the 2016 Lunar Monkey Year.

The Singapore Mint concludes World Buddha Heritage series

On behalf of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the latest ultra-high relief issue of The Singapore Mint features Shakyamuni Buddha of Bhutan, representing the eighth and final edition of the World Buddha Heritage series.

Singapore Mint launches Macau Lunar Monkey Commemorative Coins

The Monetary Authority of Macau presents the Macau Lunar Coin Series, which is exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint. This new lunar coin series draws from the richness and diversity of Macau’s distinctive culture.

Singapore Mint unveils Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary commemorative coins

To commemorate Bruce Lee’s 75th Birth Anniversary, The Singapore Mint presents two commemorative coins to celebrate his distinct contributions to both the martial arts and pop culture.

Animal kingdom comes to ‘life’ in The Singapore Mint’s latest releases

The Singapore Mint has launched two unique collections namely the “Giant Pandas 1oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Minted Stamp Ingot with Colour” and the “2014 Macau Lunar Horse Coins”.

Singapore Mint announces Lunar Snake Commemorative Coins

The Singapore Mint presents the 2013 Singapore Lunar Snake Commemorative Coins. The collectible series also includes Singapore’s largest silver coin as well as the Fine Gold BU Coin being Singapore’s smallest coin.
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