Singapore Mint announces Lunar Snake Commemorative Coins

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December 6, 2012 – Ushering in the Lunar New Year with the ninth edition of its highly sought-after lunar coin series, The Singapore Mint presents the 2013 Singapore Lunar Snake Commemorative Coins. Issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, in a range of gold, silver and base metal coins, the collectible series also includes Singapore’s largest silver coin – the magnificent 1kg 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Coin – as well as the Fine Gold BU Coin, which at a diameter of just 7.00 mm and weight of 0.3 gm, also makes it Singapore’s smallest coin.

Singapore / S$80 / 1kg 999 silver / 100 mm / Mintage: 1,000.

The 1kg Fine Silver proof-like coins were commissioned last year as part of 2012’s Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year coin collection. The inaugural issue of the record setting coin received an overwhelming response. At a face value of S$80 the hefty new Lunar Snake coin is expected to be similarly well- received.
“As we welcome the Year of Snake, we are delighted to introduce a selection of coins, collectibles and gifts with the agile snake as its point of attraction,” said Mr Yip Pak Ling, Mint Director at The Singapore Mint. “The Lunar Snake Coin series is not only aesthetically pleasing but also hints at the prospect of overcoming the odds at opportune moments, just like the wise and refined snake.” The snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is the symbolic twin of the celestial dragon, lending it the attribute of auspiciousness. Not just a symbol of prosperity, the graceful creature is also known for its vigilance and wit. Its essence is artfully translated in the coin’s superior workmanship and sharp detailing, making for a truly exclusive gift or prized collectible.

Singapore / S$100 / 1oz 999 gold / 33 mm / Mintage: 2,000.

Taking central focus in its design, the snake is elegantly depicted as a recurring motif. Its coiled silhouette stands out against the gleaming shimmer of the coins’ gold and silver polished sheen. The fine silver series, available in 20gm, 2oz, 5oz and 1kg is highly popular among enthusiasts. The gold edition retails in 0.3gm, 1/4oz, 1oz and 5oz.
Standing out in the fine silver series, the 2oz, or piedfort colour coin details the silhouette of the snake in vibrant hues of burgundy and orange. Piedfort coins (name derived from a French word meaning “heavy measure”) are so called because they are typically struck much thicker and heavier than normal coins, thus being sought as a symbol of wealth. The tradition continues with the Singapore Lunar Snake 999 Fine Silver Piedfort Proof Colour Coin in a limited worldwide mintage of 20,000 coins.

The highly popular 5oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin is once again expected to quickly sell out its worldwide mintage of 250 coins. At an issue price of S$768, the 65mm coin is a keepsake likely to require balloting to get hold of because of keen demand. Especially for collectors, the Splendid 2-in-1 Coin Set comprises of a harmonious combination of a 2oz Silver Proof Colour Coin and a Cupro-Nickel Proof-Like Coin. The 3-in-1 set relays an additional 1oz Gold Proof Coin. Both Lunar Snake coin sets also contain a floral-shaped ingot, a priceless beauty with its soft blend of colours and impeccable artwork – where refined aesthetics meets luxury.

More information about these and other products of the mint you will find on the website of the Singapore Mint.