Sunday, 2022.08.14
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Just 15 Kilometres from Death – Wartime Experiences

What is it like to live and to collect in a besieged city? Axel Dörrenbach talked to Tetiana Fomenko, who runs a philatelic shop in Kharkiv. She explains why she won’t leave Ukraine and talks about the importance that collecting stamps grew to assume in these times of war. We reprint this interview with kind permission of the author and the Philapress publishing house.

A Warning to All Shopkeepers: Confidence Tricksters Ply Their Dreadful Trade

In the last CoinsWeekly issue, we had to report about a confidence trick that targeted the shop of an experienced coin dealer. To make sure this won’t happen to you, we examine how the con artists operated. There are warning signs to look out for!

Organized Gang Targeting US Coin Shops

90 seconds to grab $80,000+ from a coin shop. With extreme ruthlessness a gang robbed a Californian dealer. Doug Davis explains their procedure and what coin shops should do to protect themselves from these organized groups.

Portugalesers: A Close Look at Brandenburg’s Gold Showpieces

Brandenburg’s portugalesers are among the greatest gold rarities of the Holy Roman Empire. Künker is able to offer as much as two of these rare pieces in auction 369. We take a close look at what these coins can tell us.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in a battle against the Visigoths…


MünzenMarkt 39

  • Münzhändler stellen sich vor
  • Auktionshäuser stellen sich vor

MünzenWoche Spezial Hall / Tirol

  • Münzsammeln – Ein Leitfaden zum Anfangen
  • Warum Sigismund der Münzreiche als bettelarmer Mann starb
  • Der Taler: Eine internationale Karriere von Hall bis in die USA
  • Historische Goldmünzen als Wertanlage?
  • Numismatische Sehenswürdigkeiten in Hall und Umgebung


Czechoslovakian Gold Coins from the Dr. Pavel Liska Collection

In Auction 371 Künker offers an impressive collection of Czechoslovakian gold coins. Through these issues, a film shows how the young nation was searching for an identity in the 20th century.


Trigueiros, António Miguel

António Miguel Trigueiros is a Portuguese numismatist. He worked for the Portuguese Mint and was involved in the introduction of collector coins in Portugal.