Sunday, 2022.10.02
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Katalin Bíró-Sey (1934-2022)

Katalin Bíró-Sey was a curator of the Ancient Coin Collection in the Coin Cabinet of the Hungarian National Museum. For ten years she also worked in the Royal Coin Cabinet in Oslo. Now Bíró-Sey passed away aged 89. Melinda Torbágyi remembers her.

Amelia Newsham: A Transatlantic Journey

In the 1750s, Amelia Newsham was a real attraction in London: the young enslaved albino woman was studied as a “curosity” even by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Isabell Charmantier tells her story and why Newsham was depicted on a token.

Bern Displays Ancient Silver Coin Hoard

The Bernisches Historisches Museum shows current archaeological finds from the Bern area in Switzerland. Among them is a hoard of Celtic and Roman silver coins.

Hesse, Elizabeth and the Reformation

The story of how much influence St. Elizabeth had even centuries after her death is quite a spectacular one to tell. With the help of the Loos Collection, which will be on sale at Künker in September, we will do just that: talking of a canonized landgravine, political intrigues, power-conscious women and the consequences of syphilis.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in Periclean Athens…


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Czechoslovakian Gold Coins from the Dr. Pavel Liska Collection

In Auction 371 Künker offers an impressive collection of Czechoslovakian gold coins. Through these issues, a film shows how the young nation was searching for an identity in the 20th century.


Trigueiros, António Miguel

António Miguel Trigueiros is a Portuguese numismatist. He worked for the Portuguese Mint and was involved in the introduction of collector coins in Portugal.