Saturday, 25.01.2020

The Royal Mint Sets New Record With Sale of Britain’s First £1 Million Coin

The Royal Mint has set a new record for British coinage after sourcing and selling a rare Edward VIII Sovereign to a private collector for £1 million. It is the first time in history that a British coin has attained a price of £1 million.

Roman Gold Jewels With Postumus Coins Missing From France’s National Library

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France has reported missing three pendants with gold coins of the Roman emperor Postumus. They had been stored in a secured stock. The police investigate.

What Should Be Discussed at the International Numismatic Congress?

You can now register to attend the International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw via the online “Pre-Registration” form. In addition, you, and anyone else, can submit proposals for themes you think should be discussed in workshops and round tables at the event.

Vienna’s Salvator Medals

Among the wealth of interesting objects from the Holy Roman Empire offered by auction house Künker in this year’s Berlin Auction, you can find a small series of so-called Salvator medals. Even though they are called medals, they actually should be classified as coins.

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at the dedication of the cathedral…


MünzenMarkt 29 Januar 2020

  • Comics – Vom „Schmuddelheftchen“ zum Wertevermittler
  • Olympia, Weltmeisterschaften und alles, bei dem Deutschland Flagge zeigt
  • Filmstars statt Generäle. Wie die „Siebente Kunst“ sich auf Gedenkprägungen etablierte
  • Wie viel Minderheit darf sein?
  • Unter der Lupe: Auktionsberichte

CoinsWeekly Special 1/20 New York

  • The Silver Owls of Athens. The Archaic and Classical Coinage of Tetradrachms in Athens
  • Including a Complete Rating of All Types
  • Auction Previews
  • Schedule of NYINC Meetings and Educational Sessions
  • Coin Dealership Profiles



Künker’s Berlin Auction in Films

On 31 January 2020 Auction house Künker will be offering many special collections and rarities from various fields of numismatic interest. Watch the highlights of Künker’s Berlin Auction in these films.


Baumbach, Daniel

Daniel Baumbach is a numismatist and historian with a heart for medals. Since November 2019, he has been working for CoinsWeekly and the Numismatic Press Service Kampmann.