World Money Fair 2018

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January 18, 2018 – More than 50 international mints of all five continents, hundreds of coin dealers and auction houses, thousands of visitors: They will all come, when the World Money Fair will open its doors from 2 until 4 February 2018. This year, the guest of honour will be the Royal Dutch Mint.
Many mints will be offering new and special novelties and / or coin sets specially customised for the World Money Fair. We have asked the exhibitors what they have prepared. Here is an overview:

Competition by the Official Sales Agency for Collector’s Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany with attractive prizes

Let’s start in Germany with the Official Sales Agency for Collector’s Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. For this occasion there will be a prize competition with 90 attractive prizes, which are, among others: a 50-euro gold coin, a book of fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers, a set of circulation coins and other collector’s coins. You can either participate in the prize competition online at or directly at the VfS exhibition booth (D4).
The VfS will also hold a signing session on Friday afternoon with several artists who have designed the new commemorative coins for 2018. 

The Deutsche Post

The Deutsche Post will be offering two attractive coin, stamp and letter sets. The first one will be the new issue of the effectively traditional commemorative letter “World Money Fair, Berlin, 2018”. It is dedicated to the 2 Euro commemorative coin “Schloss Charlottenburg” and it combines the coin with the special issue stamp “100 Jahre Berliner Dom” of 10 February 2005. The special postmark refers to the coin’s release on 2 February 2018.
You can also order a coin, stamp and letter set with a specimen of the 5 Euro collector’s coin “Subtropische Zone”. It is combined with an individual stamp on the subject “Subtropen”. The special postmark refers to the climate zones around the earth and it is dated 19 April 2018, which is the day of issue of the second coin of the series “Klimazonen der Erde”. 

20 Cent San Marino at the booth of the “Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels”

Just like in the past years, the “Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels” will be spinning the wheel of fortune every hour. You can win coins, numismatic literature and equipment. There will also be specialists estimating the value of your coins and collections at the exhibition booth.
Last but not least every visitor will receive a free specimen of the new 20 Cent coin of San Marino of 2017. 

Six raffles at Coin Invest Trust

From Friday to Sunday, there will be two raffles per day at the exhibition booth of the Liechtenstein enterprise Coin Invest Trust (F3). The raffle tickets are free – one ticket per person and drawing. They will take place:

On Friday, 2 February 1 pm and 4 pm
On Saturday, 3 February 11 am and 3 pm
On Sunday 4 February 11 am and 12 noon

The top prize, a precious set of two 2-ounce silver coins “Chinese Guardian Lions” produced in smartminting technology, will be drawn on Sunday at 12 noon.
Attention: Please note that only participants who are present for the drawing can win the raffle.

Current Swiss innovations cans be seen at the Swissmint

There are two innovations to be admired and ordered at the booth of the Swissmint (F12). They will be presenting the last coin of the three-part-series “Alpenblumen”, the 10 frank bimetal coin “Silberdistel”, in Berlin. In addition, there will be a new series, dedicated to historical Alpine passes. The first issue shows an antique car racing across the Klausen Pass. It is thus also an absolute must-have for those who collect cars in coins.
Just like every year, there will also be a prize competition with sets of circulation coins as prizes. 

More than coins: The Münze Österreich shows their new jewellery collection

As every year, the Münze Österreich AG will give its visitors the opportunity to exchange their circulation 5 and 10 Euro against copper coins of the previous year (5 Euro “Osterlamm”, 10 Euro “Erzengel Michael”, 10 Euro “Erzengel Gabriel”) as well as the first copper coin of 2018 (5 Euro “Löwenkraft).
The jewellery collection “Wachgeküsst” however, is something completely new. Inspired by early Baroque effigies, the Münze Österreich AG has created marvelous precious objects with a modern design in collaboration with Dorotheum Juwelier.
And of course you can also obtain the Austrian 2 Euro commemorative coin “100 Jahre Republik Österreich”, issued in January, at their booth.  

70 years of Italian constitution

On 2 January 2018, Italy releases a new commemorative coin worth 5 euro, which will be dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the constitution. The colour coin, which will feature the Italian flag in green and red, is issued with a circulation of 5,000 coins and it can be purchased at the exhibition booth of the Italian mint. 

1 kilo silver – a tribute to Spanish coinage

For the first time in its history, the Spanish mint will be minting a 1 kilo silver commemorative coin with a nominal value of 300 euro. It is dedicated to Spain’s important role as intermediary between the taler of the Holy German Empire and the dollar of the New World. Citizens of the young United States got to know the real de a ocho as a Spanish version of the German taler and they crafter their own currency, the dollar, after the Spanish model. You can find out more on this marvelous coin at the booth of the Spanish mint. 

Hungary presents the winner of the Russian Coin Constellation: The modern version of the gold gulden of Sigismund, King of Hungary (1387-1437)

Hungary is proud of winning a prize of the Russian Coin Constellation with its modern version of the gold gulden of Sigismund, who was not just king of Hungary, but also German emperor. The winning coin will be exhibited at the booth at the World Money Fair. 

Adam and Eve at the booth of the Holy Land Mint

The Holy Land Mint has already aroused some attention with its commemorative coin issues for the Bank of Israel. In 2011, the dramatic effect of the reduced images of the series “Biblische Kunst” already won the Holy Land Mint the sought-after Coin of the Year Award. At their booth, you can see the newest issue. “Adam und Eva” reduced to nothing but the fig leaf.
By the way, visitors coming with their coin pass will receive an Israeli circulation coin, the 10 agorot coin, at the booth of the Holy Land Mint. 

The place to buy coins from Kazakhstan

It is not easy to buy coins from Kazakhstan in Germany, since they are mainly produced for the domestic market and they are not passed on to German direct sellers in large quantities. However, for the World Money Fair, delegates regularly take a small collection of coins with them to enable the German collectors to obtain coins from Kazakhstan. 

Australia – Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint

There are two mints in Australia, the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra and the Perth Mint, which – as the name says – is in the Western Australian city of Perth. Both mints have brought a lot of products to present to the German collectors. Both mints are doing a raffle. The raffle of the Perth Mint is open to anyone who has bought a product of the mint. The Royal Australian Mint raffles off 20 coins of the New Year’s edition of 2018. The special thing about these coins is the fact that they are the very first coins to be minted in the new year worldwide. In recent years, the first strike of these coins has become an attraction which lures hundreds of collectors to the Royal Australian mint on New Year’s Day every year.
Moreover, the Royal Australian Mint offers its customers three exclusive products that can only be purchased at the World Money Fair. Buying pays off twice, since anyone spending more than 50 euro will receive a complementary coin gift or even two when spending more than 100 euro.
The Perth Mint is going to present their current issues of February 2018 to you. In addition, they will introduce the silver and gold dragon coins in a square form for the first time at the World Money Fair. The Perth Mint will also exhibit a gold coin with a weight of 10 ounces, of which only eight coins have been minted and which is decorated with pink diamonds.  

Berlin panda bears at the Künker booth

At a special exhibition booth of the Osnabrück auction house Künker (B18), admirers of the panda bullion coins will be able to purchase a very special panda, solely made for the World Money Fair, just like in the last two years. The 1 ounce silver coin is available for 89 euro. 

Investment products at Geiger Edelmetalle

Geiger Edelmetalle GmbG presents their ingot series ranging from one gram to 5 kilogram in gold and silver. The manufacturer is particularly proud of the innovative security features, incorporated in the ingots. 

More information about the World Money Fair you will find here.

This is a translation of a German article which was published originally in MünzenMarkt. The MünzenMarkt will be distributed for free during the World Money Fair 2018.

Here you can download the MünzenMarkt. You will find there other interesting articles like “Wie die Farbe auf die Münze kam” (How color arrived at numismatics).