Woodland Spirits – Rabbit

Mongolia / 500 togrog / Silver .999 / 1 oz. / 38.61 mm. / Mintage: 1,500.
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“May you become as smart as the rabbit!” This is how the Monoglian fairy tale about the smart rabbit ends. Unlike in Grimms’ fairy tales, in Mongolia, the rabbit is not the natural enemy of the fox. Both are evenly matched and equal denizens of the forest. Their stories modify the eternally relevant theme of David vs. Goliath: in the fairy tale about the smart rabbit, for example, the rabbit has to prevail against the wolf in order to get a lamb out of harm’s way.

With its “Woodland Spirits” series, CIT Coin Invest AG has dedicated a numismatic tribute to the heroes of our forest fairy tales. After the first issue, which sold out fast, depicted a fox, the new coin now features a rabbit.

Thanks to Smartminting technology, the image depicts even the finest details of the animal’s fur and the whiskers which are so crucial for its spatial orientation. It will surely fascinate every animal lover. The soft, pastose color application enhances the optical effect of the high relief and picks up the flower meadow in the right field that was created for the first issue of this series. The proof-like field on the left bespeaks the unique minting quality that was necessary to create this perfect piece of art.

A rabbit like this one served as an inspiration for the coin in the “Woodland Spirits” series.

More information about this coin is available on the CIT Coin Invest AG website.

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If you want to get a better idea of the high relief of this silver coin, we recommend you watch this film.


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If you are not sure whether you can tell apart hares and rabbits: this website explains the differences in more detail.

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