Wooden masks and black storks – The Hungarian Central Bank issues new coins in April

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May 5, 2011 – The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (The Central Bank of Hungary) issued three silver coins in the month of April celebrating a festivity of major importance for the whole country, a great poet, and Hungary’s magnificent Danube National Park.

Hungary – 5000 HUF – 925 silver – 31.46 g – 38.61 mm – The Busó Festivities of Mohács – 3,000 (BU) and 5,000 (proof) – G. Gáti.

The march of the busós was the first intangible cultural event from Hungary to be inscribed on UNESCO’s representative list of cultural heritage in 2009. Occurring at the end of the Hungarian carnival season ‘farsang’, the Festival of the Busós includes a ritual end-of-winter celebration performed by frightening-looking figures called busós wearing wooden masks and big wooly cloaks.

The festivities last for six days with dancing and music, and have grown into a national event involving Mohács’ inhabitants and thousands of visitors, groups of busós and the accompanying musicians and dancers, together with craftspeople who make masks, costumes and other accoutrements.

If you want to see UNESCO’s movie on the march of the busós, click here.

Hungary – 5000 HUF – 925 silver – 31.46 g – 38.61 mm – 125th Anniversary of Birth of Árpád Tóth – 2,000 (BU) and 6,000 (proof) – M. Csikai.

Árpád Tóth (14th of April 1886–7th of November 1928) was a member of the first generation of exceptionally versatile authors who contributed to “Nyugat”, a critical literary journal which lifted Hungarian literature onto the European stage.

Árpád Tóth ranks as one of Hungary’s more important literary translators, as he translated many major literary works faithfully. Working for a newspaper since 1921 he made outstanding contributions in all fields, from lead articles to general news pieces. At the age of 42 he succumbed to an illness.

Hungary – 5000 HUF – 925 silver – 31.46 g – 39.6×26.4 mm – The Duna-Drava National Park -3,000 (BU) and 5,000 (proof) – G. Kereszthury.

Continuing its series “National Parks of Hungary”, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is delighted to present this silver collector coin celebrating the Danube-Drava National Park. It’s obverse features the black stork which is found in great numbers in the Park, the reverse shows the typical steep banks of the Drava River.

The Danube-Drava National Park was founded in 1996, covering an area of 50,000 hectares. The main defining factor in this area is the natural system of floodplain channels which is unique in Europe.

The Park is home to the largest population of black storks in Hungary and protecting these magnificent birds is a key responsibility. The red deer antler trophies from the Gemenc forests are renowned the world over, thanks in part to the exceptional genetic characteristics of this population. The Drava plays a crucial role in the migration and wintering of many aquatic birds.

Information on the beautiful Danube-Drava National Park and its animals are ready for you here.

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Here you will find also the issuing plan of 2011.