When your printer packs up while counterfeiting bills …

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May 9, 2013 – Some people try to print their own money in a rather unprofessional way, let’s say with a common printer from the supermarket. But in case the printer packs in you should definitely not run to the supermarket, ask to return it without a receipt and kick up a rumpus.
It could become a problem of its own if a page with counterfeit bills printed on it has remained in the printer you have just handed over to the employees.

When 37-year-old Jarad S. Carr decided to do exactly this in the US state of Wisconsin, it was clear as day how he would end up. Police came, the man resisted arrest and in his pockets three more fake $100 bills were found. Now he is charged with attempt theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.
Police Chief Cal D. Smokowicz summoned the story up like this: ‘You go to a Walmart with a printer to return and no receipt, with your counterfeit bills still lodged in it, and you want to dicker with the clerks to get half price back, when you have warrants out for you. There are a few lessons here about not drawing attention to yourself.’ In addition, according to Smokowicz the quality of the counterfeit notes was not good at all. But what does this matter anymore?

You can read the story here.