VIA GmbH – the New Numismatic Auction House in Vienna

Mag. Raphael S. Hiltbrunner studied numismatics and has a long-lasting experience in the coin business. Now, with VIA Numismatik he has founded his own company in Vienna.
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Efficiency, friendliness and competence are what Mag. Hiltbrunner and the team have written on their flag. Unfortunately the ambitious plan of an official opening in march 2020 had to be postponed due the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Webshop Is Open

As of now the webshop with over 500 coins and medals from all over the world is operative.  This allows a first glance on what VIA Numismatic will offer its customers in the future. There is more to come on a weekly update.

Mag Hiltbrunner has accomplished his studies of Numismatics at the University of Vienna. He will not only be able to offer all coin affectionate persons a wide range of pieces covering Austria and its large historical past; due to his wide experience abroad and his past years in one of Austria´s best known auction houses, VIA Numismatic covers the numismatic fields worldwide, from the antique to modern times.

VIA Numismatic offers to all customers in their own facilities to purchase and sell coins and medals as will as entire coin collections. It is also possible to submit to an auction. Customers will have the possibility to choose between e-live auctions and floor auctions.

Auctions Every Year Are Planned

e-live auctions will be held 2-3 times a year. the first one is planed to take place before the summer holidays. The floor auctions will take place 1-2 times a year.

The small team of VIA Numismatik is competent and highly motivated: Mag. O. Seitel, Mag. R. Hiltbrunner, E. Preisinger B.A. (from left to right).

The first one should take place at the latest in November of 2020.  All depends of curse of the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on the mobility and on travelling. A newsletter on the website will keep interested people updated.

The small team at VIA Numismatic is highly competent and has a lot of experience with the organizations of international auctions, the selling and buying of coins from all over the world. “Together we cover nearly the entire Europe if it comes to welcoming our customers in their own language”, says Mag. Hiltbrunner with a smile in his face. His costumers will be welcomed in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Czech.



Via GmbH
Habsburgergasse 6-8/17
1010 Wien, Österreich
Tel. +43 1 532 3619