US State Virginia considering alternative currency instead of Dollar

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February 12, 2013 – Three years ago Robert G. Marshall, Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, proposed to study the chances of introducing a new currency in the state. According to him apocalyptic scenarios threatened the economic welfare of Virginia. But responsible for this gloomy future was not possible terroristic attacks but the policy of the Fed and the national government. Then, his proposal was refused being considered as a quixotic idea. Now, three years later, Robert Marshall proposed this bill again, and this time it has passed with a two-to-one majority.
Marshall depicts a future of the Weimar Republic to the United States with rising inflation and a crumbling government. Thus, the single states should take care of themselves by issuing their own money. A 10-member commission should study the details about how to introduce such a currency. Only Utah, for the time being, has recognized officially a nontraditional currency while in four other states bills on this regard are still pending. In Utah, actually, the law has recognized US federal investment and collector coins as legal tender.
Although the states are not allowed to print money, Mr Marshall believes Virginia might coin from silver and gold.

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