US Master Designer Iskowitz to speak at Philadelphia forum

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August 2, 2012 – The general public is invited to a free forum at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Room 107B, on Thursday, August 9 at 1:00 pm that will feature one of the most prolific designers of United States coins, Joel Iskowitz. The forum is being conducted by the American Israel Numismatic Association and the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation in conjunction with the annual convention of the American Numismatic Association; it will be moderated by Mel Wacks, President of AINA.

Lincoln Cent commemorative reverse, designed by Joel Iskowitz, which he says was the “biggest honor” of his career.

Since Joel Iskowitz was selected as a Master Designer for the United States Mint in 2005, he has had 27 of his designs for coins and medals selected for minting. These include the Arizona State Quarter Dollar reverse (2008), District of Columbia Quarter – Duke Ellington –reverse (2009), Lincoln Bicentennial Cent reverse III (2009), Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollar obverse (2012), as well as the dollar coins honoring John Adams (2007), James Madison (2007), Andrew Jackson (2008), and Martin Van Buren (2008), First Spouse gold coins – Dolly Madison reverse (2007), Elizabeth Monroe obverse (2008), Julia Tyler obverse and reverse (2009), Mary Lincoln reverse (2010), Eliza Johnson obverse (2012), and Frances Cleveland, second term obverse (2013).

Iskowitz has also designed Congressional Gold medals honoring heroes of the New Frontier: Apollo11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Mercury astronaut John Glenn (2011); Women Air Force Service Pilots (2010), and the Nisei Soldiers of WWII (2011).

Also speaking is Jamie Franki, designer of the official medal for the Philadelphia ANA Convention as well as numerous other medals, plus the 2005 “Buffalo” reverse for commemorative Jefferson Nickels and the front-facing portrait of Jefferson on all United States Nickels issued beginning in 2006.

Rounding out the roster of distinguished speakers, will be a representative of the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation, who will reveal plans for future coin and medal issues.

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