Tipped for Success – CoinsWeekly’s first year

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October 21st, 2010 – On October 16th CoinsWeekly celebrated its first birthday. Our new numismatic webzine has gained a lot of friends during its first year of existence. Incredible 43.348 readers coming from 80 nations have visited CoinsWeekly and its German version MünzenWoche within its first year of existence. The audience increases every week and has mushroomed within autumn season.
Let’s have a look at the jubilee week, which achieved a new record. 1411 readers visited CoinsWeekly and MünzenWoche. They had a look at 3.6 sites (average for the year: 4) and remained 2.26 minutes with our webzine (average for the year: 3.25 minutes). Our most active reader visited 122 sites, which lagged behind the record of 193 sites. Our visitors used 89 links 325 times. 13 search engines could locate 413 keywords.
In the meantime our readers are coming from 80 nations among them exotic countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Armenia and Iran.
Within this first year 52 numismatic articles and 223 news plus various auction pre- and reviews have been published. This is a lot of reading material for coin enthusiasts!
Within the very first year we lanced a lot of technical innovations, too. Since April 9th, 2010 our readers receive the newsletter. 1.043 users have subscribed to it in the meantime. And we made ourselves a birthday present: If an article attracts your interest, please forward it to your numismatic friends via our new forwarding feature.
And this is just the beginning. The CoinsWeekly team is sure that the high quality and up-to-dateness of our articles will gain acceptance. We want to become the platform for all coin enthusiasts: collectors, dealers, scholars, curators and mints all over the world. The first step on this long way has been taken.