Theft of precious ancient coins from Schloß Hohentübingen / Germany

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December 2, 2010 – At the Museum Schloss Hohentübingen, Tübingen (Germany, Baden-Württemberg), 44 antique coins were stolen from a showcase in the public exhibition room. The theft was reported to the local criminal investigation department on Wednesday November 24. The delinquent(s) are still unknown.
The stolen pieces include Hellenistic and Roman imperial coins. Obviously, the thieves were especially interested in gold coins, for they took 37 staters, aurei and solidi, furthermore 5 coins of silver and 2 of bronze. Among the stolen pieces there are some exemplars of excellent quality, which are, inter alia, of great importance for research on the iconography of Roman imperial portraiture.
If you see the stolen coins or if they are offered to you, please inform Dr Thomas Schäfer, University of Tübingen, Tel.: +49 / 71 / 29 72 378. For sending an email click here.

For a list of the stolen coins plus pictures, click here.

Pass it on!
The more dealers and collectors keep their eyes open, the greater the chance to regain the stolen coins! Please forward the link to this information to all of your collector friends. Maybe one of them will discover these coins in one of the innumerable web auctions!